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What Happened to They Love Sadity?

People are able to utilize their voices to encourage one another and share happiness through the usage of the internet platform called TikTok, which is one of the best features of this platform. On the app, the user known as,” whose real name is Asia LaFlora and who is 18 years old, had more than 500,000 followers and was recognized as a body positivity influencer.

The news that Asia has passed away has sadly been brought to light by recent rumors that have appeared. What became the Twitter account @theylovesadity? This is what we currently know.

What Happened To Asia LaFlora, Also Known As @TheyLoveSadity On TikTok?

On January 4, 2023, a TikTok user with the handle @madeinalaboratory published a video in which they claimed Asia had passed away. She paid respect to Asia by putting together a video in which she wrote, “Is she really gone?!?!?” with a collection of images. In addition, she added the caption I hope this ain’t true… I want real answers” under the video.

Sadly, not long after the video was uploaded, another user wrote in response and reported that Asia’s sisters, users ryn4dawinn and _poohya on Instagram, both verified the news of Asia’s passing. This transpired not long after the original publication of the video.

What Happened to They Love Sadity?

Both Ryn and Yanna paid tribute to their younger sister by writing about her on their own Instagram accounts. Ryn authored hers and included the following passage: “My heart is so crushed my baby, my little sister.” Along the same lines, Yanna said in hers, “My heart is shattered into a million pieces, and “Heartbroken asf!” are common expressions heard on the internet.

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Please pray for me and my family as we go through this difficult time. I have no idea what’s going on, but Lord, we need you, Asia. I adored you so much! Why did you do this!” A link to a GoFundMe page that raises money to cover Asia’s burial expenses was added to each of Yanna’s stories.

Her aunt Precious is the one who started the GoFundMe campaign, and it says, “It is with great regret and a terrible feeling in our hearts that we had to inform you about the sudden demise of Asia LaFlora on January 23rd. Asia was a person who was intelligent, beautiful and loving all rolled into one.

A life that was lived so well warrants a memory that is also so gloriously lived.” The fact that this is the only GoFundMe page for the family is mentioned in the message as well. At this time, the circumstances behind Asia’s passing are unknown.

Her devoted following, along with her friends and family, are all lamenting her sudden passing at this time. The comments section of Asia’s older videos is being inundated by users who are leaving touching messages in her honor.

One person said, “Rip lovely I can’t believe you did this.. you were so cheerful and gave everyone so much confidence It can’t be real…”Someone else expressed their gratitude by saying, “Thank you for helping me feel free to dress how I choose; you were such an inspiration to me.”

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