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What is a Bomb Cyclone, How Cold Will It Be, and Will It Impact the Uk?

At least 18 people died in a winter storm that knocked out electricity to hundreds of thousands of US households on Christmas Day. Officials in the US have ascribed deaths to exposure, car crashes, falling tree branches, and other storm consequences. The continent-wide winter storm has affected 200 million Americans.

Freezing weather has killed at least 18 individuals and left 1.5 million without power. Temperatures have plummeted, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without power, airports closed, and some governments banning driving.

Winter Storm Elliott is a bomb cyclone due to high pressure lowering temperatures. It’s Category 2. Some areas reached -45C. Buffalo was pounded by hurricane-force winds and whiteout conditions. Emergency response and the city’s international airport were halted.

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The US National Weather Service (NWS) reported one of the largest winter weather warnings and advisories. Blizzards, freezing rain, and extreme cold knocked off power from Maine to Seattle, and a major electrical grid operator warned the 65 million people it serves in the eastern US that rolling blackouts may be necessary.

Bomb cyclones, or “bombogenesis,” are rapidly building storms, according to Accuweather. Ocean storms dominate. Tropical or non-tropical storms. The service stated: “Bombogenesis is a combination of bomb and cyclogenesis. Cyclones start with genesis. Explosive development is a bomb. It signifies explosive storm strengthening.

Cyclones are non-tropical hurricanes. It is a massive air column that spins anticlockwise over the Northern Hemisphere. Robert Fritzen of Northern Illinois University concluded that 7% of nontropical low-pressure systems near North America from 1979 to 2019 were bomb cyclones in a 2021 study. In 40 years, North America averaged 18 bomb cyclones per year.

The Superstorm of 1993, the storm of the century, Storm Dennis, which devastated the UK on February 14, 2020, and the late October 2021 storms in the northeastern and western US were bombogenesis storms. Heavy snow and ice have caused bad road conditions and stranded travelers in bitterly cold weather. Road closures and aircraft disruptions have impeded travel.

Eastbound semi-trucks line up on I-70, which was closed due to poor winter driving conditions. AFP/Getty )
The NWS predicted temperatures of -50F (-45C) and -70F by the end of the week in some areas. Even in major cities, frostbite will be a threat. Lincoln, Montana, reached -49F. (-45C).

The EPA said that 60% of Americans are under winter weather warnings or advisories. It warned of blizzards, damaging winds, risky travel and whiteouts, life-threatening freezing temperatures, and coastal and inland flooding.

Extreme weather may have caused 18 deaths. Officials in the US have ascribed deaths to exposure, car crashes, falling tree branches, and other storm consequences. Two Buffalo residents died from medical emergencies in their homes due to the unprecedented snowfall.

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