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What We Know About the Victims of the Colorado Springs Mass Shooting

In a late-night shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado, all five victims have been named. According to Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez, at least 19 people were also hurt when the shooter opened fire inside Club Q in Colorado Springs as soon as he entered.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, was the suspect, according to the police. Then, at least two people—who the authorities hailed as heroes—confronted Aldrich and engaged in combat with him, saving additional lives, according to the police.

On “The View” today, Colorado Governor Jared Polis discussed the fatal shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub. Two guns, one of which was long, were found at the scene, according to authorities. A hate crime investigation into the incident is still underway.

Updates on the Colorado club shooting: Five people were killed and dozens were hurt. What is known so far about the victims is as follows: Daniel Davis Aston, a bartender at Club Q and a victim of the shooting, is shown in a family portrait that is undated.

An undated family photo shows Daniel Davis Aston, a bartender at Club Q and a victim of the massacre.
Family Aston. According to Sabrina Aston, Daniel Davis Aston’s mother, one of those killed in the shooting at Club Q on Saturday.

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The youngest of the family, according to Sabrina Aston, who described her youngest kid as outstanding. She claimed that after moving from Oklahoma to Colorado, he was soon able to make friends thanks in large part to his charisma.

“He had talent, was witty, and was smart. He was a wonderful human being “Wyatt Kent, Aston’s fiance, told ABC News. Tiffany Loving, Kelly Loving’s sister, told ABC News that Kelly Loving was one of the victims who perished in the incident.

Kelly Loving is shown in an undated photograph. On November 19, 2022, a shooter opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colo., killing Loving. Thanks to Natalee Bingham. Tiffany Loving claimed, “I’ve simply always felt like her mother, wanting to lead her.” “That same day, I had just finished talking to her on the phone. On that same day, we had video calls. She was a good person who constantly spoke up for others.”

Natalee Skye Bingham, a close friend who survived the 2016 Orlando nightclub tragedy at Pulse, told ABC News that Kelly, who had just turned 40, had recently moved to Colorado and was eager to get to know the LGBTQ community there.

She is someone I look up to in the community and she taught me a lot about my entire transition, so it’s really hitting home and hurting more and more, Bingham told ABC News. According to his mother Julia Thames, Derrick Rump was the third victim in the Club Q incident to be named.

Derrick Rump as shown in his Facebook photo. On November 19, 2022, a shooter opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colo., killing Rump. He was described as having a “heart of gold” by Thames in a statement. “When my daughter and I needed him, he was always there. He was also always there for his buddies from Colorado, who he would refer to as his family. He was carrying out his dream, and he would have preferred for everyone to.”

How Ashley Paugh, 35, and the other victims of the Club Q shooting were handled by a Colorado Springs hospital. Pictured in an undated image is Ashley Paugh, one of the victims of the killings that took place at the Q club in Colorado Springs.

In an undated image, Ashley Paugh, one of the victims of the killings at the Q club in Colorado Springs, is shown. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, one of the victims who perished in the shooting at Club Q on Saturday has been identified as Ashley Paugh.

Paugh was described as a kind person who valued her family and job by her nephew, who spoke to ABC News. She gave her all to being a wife, mother, and an all-around genuinely kind and charismatic family member, he said. She grew up loving the outdoors and enjoyed hunting and fishing. A week and a half prior to this horrible event, she had just harvested a nice whitetail deer.

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