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When To Expect Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date? –

TV series Ritmo Salvaje aired on March 2, 2022, in Colombia. Simon Brand, best known for his work on the film “Paráiso Trave,” is directing the show. It’s a coming-of-age story about finding love via music and dance.

It’s about two dance companies, Dawer and Damper, from two very different worlds who cross paths in a dance duel and learn that their dream of success can be achieved not only in urban life but also in high society. They learn a lot about themselves and each other through their shared love of dance, and they discover the true meaning of the art form.

When we don’t feel like working out, we have less energy and are unable to muster the desire to get up and move around. Watching dance shows, however, elicits an emotional response in us that makes us want to dance, move, and stretch. With its energetic routines and fierce dance stages, Ritmo Salvaje is a great choice for everyone who’s going through the same thing.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

There has been a tremendous reception to the show since its March 2nd, 2022 debut on Netflix. We haven’t heard anything about its renewal from Netflix yet because they only renew shows depending on their popularity, and we usually get renewal information after a few months of their premiere in the case of Ritmo Salvaje. Assuming the series doesn’t get cancelled, we can expect that the series will return in 2023, or may be delayed for another year or so.

Seasons Release Date
Ritmo Salvaje Season 1 Release Date March 2, 2022
Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date Not Announced
Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

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Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Story

Both Antonia and Karina have a deep love for dance, and they learn about one other’s lives as they travel from the dance war. The misconceptions and rivalries, on the other hand, have not gone away. When Antonia accepts Miranda’s offer at the end of the season, things get a lot messier. Karina and her pals ruin Royal’s chances in the competition after they learn about the offer.

A group of friends, led by Karina, tries to keep the singer’s music video’s star, Antonia, out of it. Despite their best efforts, Antonia is able to participate in the filming. An unconscious Antonia lies in a pool of blood towards the end of the season.

Antonia’s stories may be revisited in the second season. Fans are eager to learn more about who was responsible for Antonia’s accident, and the show has yet to reveal the identity of the perpetrator. Season 2 may focus on unsolved questions because there is so much to cover for the entire ensemble.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 1 Recap

The storey centres around Antonia and Karina, two females from two different worlds, who lead two different groups. Aristocratic household, but her mother doesn’t support Antonia’s dance career, and she’s pressured to change her majors. However, Karina hails from an affluent metropolitan neighbourhood and is a member of a well-known dancing troupe. As their dancing adventure takes them to a dance war, where they must face off against each other in a showdown in order to keep their dream alive, their path to success isn’t as easy as it may appear.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Cast

Some of the other significant cast members are Greeicy Rendón as Karina, Martina la Peligrosa as Bombita, Sashua López as Ximena, and David Palacio as Checho. Juan Manuel Guilera as Mateo, Miranda Miranda, Kevin Bury as Alex, and Sergio Herrera as Vicente are among the extra cast members.

Curro (Alejandro Buitrago), Jacobo (Andrés Juan Hernandez), Majo (Elisa Torriente), and Rebeca (Patrcia Tamayo) round out the supporting ensemble. Season 2 is likely to feature many of the same actors from the first season, but we may also see some new faces.

Where To Watch Ritmo Salvaje

You can stream the first season of the series on Netflix.

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