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Who Is Derrick Jaxn? Everything We Want to Know!

Derrick Jaxn, a self-proclaimed relationship specialist, is having to do some damage management following recent reports of his alleged infidelity. According to Candice De Medeiros, a woman who claims to have had an affair with Jaxn, he has been cheating on his wife for four years.

Medeiros recently contacted vlogger Tasha K to reveal their romance, stating that she had known Jaxn since 2009 after meeting on Twitter. She said that Jaxn flew her to Miami for a romantic weekend last July while his wife was reportedly in Colorado with her family.

Candice stated that she got concerned about his marriage’s state when Jaxn stated that they should only speak via Snapchat. She further mentioned that Jaxn stated that he had no plans to reunite with his wife after their reconciliation attempt failed. Candice, according to Madame Noire, then paraphrased Jaxn, who allegedly remarked, “I’ve done things in the past. She harmed me. I harmed her. I cheated on her and she had no idea to this day.” Candice stated that a few days after that chat, Jaxn blocked her on all of his social media accounts.

Who Is Derrick Jaxn?

Derrick Jaxn describes himself as a self-love champion, entrepreneur, and author, with 1.3 million Instagram followers and 753K YouTube subscribers. Jan became a social media relationship “expert” with his massive following because his platform was built on establishing healthy relationships, being honest, and respecting Black women. He has also penned best-selling works such as ‘A Cheating Man’s Heart’ and a volume of poems titled ‘I Still Want It,’ among others.

Who Is Derrick Jaxn


In a recent video addressing the reports, Jaxn claims that he and his wife were separated at the time. “At that time, I thought, ‘OK, the marriage is over,'” he explained. “But, in order for me to have the possibility to experience the happiness or satisfaction that I seek, I must first align with God. I need to remove some things away before I can connect with God.”

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Jan went on, “So I tossed away my liquor, as well as everything else that I was using. I cut everyone off, even Candice. Now, I won’t say I explained anything; all I said was that this isn’t right and that we shouldn’t talk about it again until the divorce is official.”

Candice’s allegations state that she has even visited his house in Atlanta, Georgia. The mistress has also provided receipts for her meetings with Jaxn, as well as a warm snapshot is taken from the bed he shared with his wife in their Atlanta home.

Candice stated she spotted packing boxes in the house and couldn’t help but believe him when he told her he and his wife were divorcing and that she was leaving. Jaxn also acknowledged that she had been invited home and that she was aware of his divorce. Tasha K claims he has cheated on her throughout the marriage and just shared a video of another woman accusing him of cheating.

What Social Media Had To Say About It?

Meanwhile, Jaxn’s Instagram followers aren’t convinced by his explanation. “He’s a liar!! “I’m happy I always glanced over his ‘Knowledge’ videos,” one fan said, while another added, “If the pot calling the kettle black was a person.” “That’s what you get for putting your relationship decisions in the hands of this man,” one fan said.

“Lol they’re always separated,'” said one fan. “This man talking in circles lord,” one fan said. “You can’t be preaching the stuff you’re talking about and not implementing it,” another fan said. “It’s like blind leading the blind,” another wrote on Tasha’s YouTube video.

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