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Who Is Taylor Swift Dating In 2022? Her Love Life

What Taylor Swift lacks in talent, beauty, fortune, and kindness! The singer-songwriter has been in the profession for a long time, and her narrative is always intriguing to the general audience. Not only are her albums popular, but the public is eager to hear anything fresh from Taylor! Taylor Swift used to be quite open about her relationships, but everything changed when she started dating Joe Alwyn.

Is Taylor Swift Still Dating Joe Alwyn?

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship had a turbulent beginning. While no one knows where the pair initially met, most believe it was at the 2016 Met Gala.

Who Is Taylor Swift Dating In 2022 Her Love Life

Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift’s Current Boyfriend

Later that year, Taylor and Joe reunited at a Kings of Leon concert, and many people suspected that their relationship blossomed from that moment forward, due to Taylor’s pals. The couple began dating shortly after, according to sources in early 2017. Taylor’s spokesperson stated that both parties’ close friends and relatives “were aware they had been dating for some months.”

Taylor skipped the Grammys a year later to attend the BAFTAS with her partner. Following Taylor’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, the couple went on a date in New York. Taylor opened up about her affair with Joe Alwyn in her 2020 biopic Miss Americana, noting that she “fell in love with someone who had a beautifully normal, balanced existence.”

What Brought Taylor Swift And, Tom Hiddleston, Together?

Taylor Swift stunned the world in 2016 when she was able to land Tom Hiddleston and vice versa. The two initially met at the 2016 Met Gala, when Taylor was on the verge of ending her romance with Calvin Harris. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were later seen on a Rhode Island beach. Following Taylor’s breakup with Calvin, an insider stated that Tom “saw a chance” and “went for it.”

Another significant event in their relationship was a Fourth of July outing in which Tom Hiddleston wore a white tank top with the words “I Heart T.S.” The photo went popular to the point where Tom’s co-star Robert Downey Jr. taunted him on Instagram, posting a photo of himself wearing a white tank with the words “I Heart Loki” photoshopped on it.

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris’s Relationship

The former pair originally met at the Elle Style Awards, and according to numerous accounts, it was love at first sight for both of them! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris rejoined later at the BRIT Awards, where they “flirted all night” and even exited the VIP section with their hands linked!

Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriend

Taylor made their relationship Instagram official a month later by posting a photo of Calvin and her riding an inflatable swan. She celebrated the Fourth of July by uploading a photo of Calvin piggybacking her. Calvin’s turn to publish Taylor on Instagram came a year later. He congratulated Taylor on her Grammy win and added an emotional caption for his “beautiful girlfriend.”

Several months later, Calvin confirmed their split on Twitter, telling followers that “a significant amount of love and respect” remains between them. Following Taylor’s making-out session with Tom Hiddleston, the tweet was deleted more than a week later.

The Real Reason Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Are Dating

Taylor Swift was dating Harry Styles in 2012. As two of the largest music icons in the industry, their relationship news sparks regular fan fights between Swifties and the Directioners. Taylor Swift with Harry Styles, her ex-boyfriend.

The former couple met backstage at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards and quickly “hit it off.” While they didn’t date right immediately, it’s evident that they had chemistry! The couple was then caught on a date in December 2012, wandering around Central Park with their arms clasped.

Unfortunately, things looked bad for the young pair at the start of 2013, only weeks after they were first spotted together. Taylor admitted in an interview with Elle some years later that the relationship “felt very unstable.” It was a really tentative feeling.”

Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Dated For How Long?

Before you raise your eyebrows, yes, he is a Kennedy. Taylor Swift once had a brief flirtation with political heir Conor Kennedy, as if her relationship history wasn’t already bizarre.

Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift. Taylor was 23 when they started dating, while Conor was only 18. This age difference drew a lot of attention to their relationship, even from Conor’s uncle! After only a few months, the pair split up, with various sources suggesting that Conor was the one who called it quits because he “wasn’t ready for anything very serious.”

“Conor liked Taylor, but the fact that she was buying a house on the Cape made him nervous,” a source said. “Taylor was more concerned with the concept of dating a Kennedy than she was with the actual Kennedy she was dating,” the person added.

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