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Who Was the First Witcher? All We Need to Know!

The Witcher franchise has become one of the most well-liked fantasy series available in today’s market, and this popularity can be attributed to either the Netflix television program, the popular game series, or the original books.

In this extraordinary realm of monsters and magic, there is one class of fighters that stand out from the rest: the Witchers. They are the ones who take center stage. Warriors who have undergone mutation, significant training (both mentally and physically), and other preparations in order to enter the profession of monster hunting are known as witchers.

These folks have the propensity to congregate together, and a good number of them call their castle dwellings their permanent abodes. Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the series and the most well-known Witcher, is also the character around whom the franchise revolves.

Despite this, there is a question that many fans have regarding another Witcher. Who was the pioneering individual to join the ranks of the Witchers? This is not a straightforward question, but here is everything that we are aware of regarding it.

Who Do You Think Was The Very First Witcher?

Who Was the First Witcher?

Neither the literature nor the video games name a particular individual as the very first Witcher. Nevertheless, we are provided with some information regarding the person who is responsible for bringing the creatures to life.

In the novel Season of Storms, a magician named Orolan makes the claim that Cosimo Malaspina and his student Alzur were the ones who first conceived of the process of witcher mutation. Ortolan was in charge of the experiments that took place in Risberg Castle.

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Malaspina was an expert in hybridization, mutation, and genetic alteration; yet, it is unknown how he was able to make the very first Witcher or who they were. Neither of these details has been divulged. However, despite the fact that we do not possess the original Witcher, there are a plethora of memorable Witcher characters throughout the series.

Vesemir, the eldest member of the main cast, has spent the most time in Kaer Morhen and has served as a mentor to a significant number of the other Witchers shown on the show. Geralt, Eskel, and Lambert are just a few of the many students who have studied under Vesemir, but there are many more.

If you’re seeking for a Witcher in the modern timeline of the game who has the most knowledge, you won’t find anyone who can compare to Vesemir’s sage advice. For the time being, the identity of the first Witcher remains a mystery; nevertheless, it’s possible that we’ll learn more about their background in the future. How “Blood Origin’s” tense conclusion and the post-credits scene lay the stage for “The Witcher’s” upcoming third season.

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