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Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Salary, Activism, Personal Life!

Whoopi Goldberg is a $60 million-dollar American comedian, actor, author, talk show host, singer, composer, and political activist. From the middle of the 1980s through the 1990s, Whoopi had a very successful cinematic career. She has mainly served as a chat show host on television in recent years.

Net Worth:$60 Million
Salary:$8 Million Per Year
Date of Birth:Nov 13, 1955 (66 years old)
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Profession:Actor, Disc jockey, Author, Singer-songwriter, Talk show host, Comedian, Television producer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Voice Actor
Nationality:United States of America

Early Life

On November 13, 1955, Caryn Elaine Johnson was born in New York, NY. She went to St Columba’s, a neighbourhood Catholic school in the Chelsea-Elliot neighbourhood. Whoopi dropped out of high school and spent time living and working in East Germany’s theatre industry. She then relocated to Berkeley and took on a variety of odd occupations, including bricklaying and serving customers at restaurants. She joined the Blake Street Hawkeyes theatre troupe, where she performed in numerous plays while also instructing lessons in comedy and acting.


She made her debut in the 1982 film Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away. Then, in 1983, Whoopi wrote a one-woman piece called Whoopi Goldberg that was made up of many character monologues. There were 156 performances in total. Her second major break came in 1985 when Steven Spielberg noticed her and hired her for the lead part of Cecile in The Color Purple. The movie received positive reviews and did well financially. It received 11 Oscar nominations, with Goldberg receiving one for Best Actress.

Whoopi finally found her voice in the 1990s, beginning with her role as a psychic in the film Ghost (1990), which also starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. She was the second black woman to receive the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for that performance, thanks to that role. After that, Goldberg appeared in two Star Trek films, and Sister Act was published in 1992. Goldberg received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in that movie, which brought in over $200 million.

In the follow-up, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, she played the same part again. In 1994, she was the first African American woman to host the Academy Awards. She also appeared in The Little Rascals, Corrina, and other well-known movies during the 1990s. Whoopi enjoyed success in the 2000s as well, appearing in films like Girl, Interrupted and How Stella Got Her Groove Back in supporting parts. From 1998 to 2004, she co-produced Hollywood Squares. Whoopi has been in several Star Trek films as an actor.

Whoopi joined Janet Jackson in Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls in 2010. The movie garnered favourable reviews and made over $38 million worldwide. She provided voices for the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Toy Story 3 that same year. In 2016, Golberg created the reality programme Strut for the Oxygen network. Tiffany Haddish co-starred in Tyler Perry’s Nobody’s Fool in 2018.


Whoopi’s annual salary on The View is $8 million.

The View

Whoopi is also well-known for her roles as co-host of the discussion shows The View and moderator of the programme. As Rosie O’Donnell’s replacement, she joined the show in 2001. A 7 per cent increase in viewers from O’Donnell’s season before hers, her debut attracted 3.4 million viewers. She is infamous for making provocative remarks on the show and has incited debate among fans over the years.

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Other Ventures

In addition to writing for film and talk shows, Goldberg also writes nonfiction and children’s books. She has also performed as a lead on stage, most notably in a 2010 Broadway version of Sister Act. She cofounded Whoopi & Maya, a business that creates medicinal cannabis products for women who require relief from period cramps. She is an entrepreneur.


For The View, Whoopi has received more than 20 Emmy Award nominations. She was the recipient of the Outstanding Talk Show Host Daytime Emmy Award in 2009. One of the rare entertainers with Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony awards, she is well-known (EGOT). She became the second solo female artist to win the Grammy for Best Comedy Recording in 1985 for Whoopi Goldberg: Direct From Broadway. Whoopi earned a BAFTA in addition to a Golden Globe for her performance in Ghost. The Harlem Globetrotters named Goldberg an honorary member in 1990. For her role as a producer of the Broadway musical Thoroughly Modern Millie, Whoopi won a Tony Award in 2002. Three People’s Choice Awards have also been given to her. Whoopi received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2001.

She has received more than 50 accolades overall and has been nominated for an additional 80. In 2001, Goldberg also received a star at 6841 Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the 1990s, she was allegedly the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.


Goldberg has long been an advocate for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. GLAAD’s Vanguard Award in 1999 recognised her efforts to improve the lives of gay and lesbian people. A supporter of LGBTQ rights and AIDS education, she marched in the 1987 March on Washington. In April 2010, she and other celebrities launched the Give a Damn campaign to raise awareness about LGBT discrimination. Goldberg is also a member of the National Museum of American Illustration’s advisory national committee. In addition to her work with Comic Relief, she devotes her time to charitable causes.

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Personal Life

In 1978, Goldberg was in San Diego when he witnessed a plane accident. After that, she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and was terrified of flying for the rest of her life.

For the record, Whoopi has been married three times, with Ted Danson and Frank Langella among her ex-husbands. From 1973 to 1979, she was married to Alvin Martin. From 1986 to 1988, she was married to David Claessen. From 1994 to 1995, she was married to Lyle Trachtenberg. Alexandrea Martin, her daughter, is an actor and producer as well. Whoopi was 18 when she gave birth to Alexandrea. Aside from her children, she has three sets of great-grandchildren.

Dyslexic and a former drug addict, Whoopi has opened up about her struggles in the past. Before winning her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Ghost in 1991, she acknowledged smoking marijuana. In 1991’s The Choices We Made: Twenty-Five Women and Men, she spoke up about her abortion. Don’t Be Afraid To Discuss Abortion.

Her mother, Goldberg’s mother, died of a stroke in 2010. Whoopi was in London for a performance of Sister Act The Musical at the time. Before returning to London, she took a two-month break from the production. A cerebral aneurysm killed Goldberg’s younger brother, Clyde, in 2015.

When Whoopi purchased a house in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades district in 1993, she spent $2.6 million. She put it on the market in January 2018 with an asking price of $8.8 million. Her price had risen to $9.6 million after a year of negotiations. At the time of this writing, it is still on the market for $1,995.

Real Estate

When she decided to sell her Vermont farm for $2 million, she had previously owned a 745-acre property there. Also in 2010, she sold her New York City condo for $3 million, and she recently sold her Berkeley property for $2.05 million.

In 2009, she purchased a sprawling home in West Orange, New Jersey, for just under $3 million, making it her principal residence.

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