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Why Aima Baig Announces Break-up with Shahbaz Shigri?

Aima Baig, a singer, announced her separation from her fiancé Shahbaz Shigri earlier today. Baig confirmed her break-up with long-term boyfriend turned fiancé Shigri in a playful Instagram post. The Singer stated: “Yes, I will always be grateful to this individual for entertaining me. Sometimes bad things happen for a purpose. To address all of your questions, yes, we did part ways. But don’t worry, we’re both doing just well.”

”I wanted to do it in the most courteous manner possible, so I did. People can choose how they display their emotions, which shapes who they are on the inside.”That’s me telling the truth to anyone who’s wondering if they’re together or not. And the answer is no, Shahbaz and I are no longer together. Please, no more “I’m sorry” texts! We are doing great. Let us see where music will take us “She went on to say

Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri have been dating since 2019. In July 2021, they announced their engagement. Aima Baig took to Instagram days after announcing her split from fiancé Shahbaz Shigri to address the criticism around the split.

Her remarks come shortly after a British model named Taloulah Mair claimed that Baig was engaged with her ex-boyfriend, photographer Qes Ahmed. “However, I did leave a really respectful statement to finish this whole affair.” But some people want to remain because they know how many more heinous things will be revealed, not just about them, but also about their families.

I still want to maintain the respect I showed these guys. In fact, she wrote, “That is not how my upbringing is,” to this one person and family. Baig announced her breakup with Shigri on Instagram on September 17 but quickly removed it. “I don’t and can’t make fun of the deceased or how they used their significant other and then pretended to be the victim.” People who know this guy personally… have nothing to say about it because they knew the truth long before you did. “And believe me, they know why it happened,” the singer added.

Aima Baig Announces Break-up with Shahbaz Shigri

“Whatever happened, I’m going through some severe trauma and sadness right now because no one knows what happened.” “And these extras who just want some fans and money…please give them that so they can move on with their life,” she stated, alluding to an account that claimed to be Baig’s girlfriend.

“I’m not someone who inflames a situation by only presenting folks the pieces that would assist them to play the victim card.” I’m not even going to include some random extras in my story because they don’t have families or even the dignity to embrace who they truly are as much as I adore memes but this whole thing is beyond humorous.”

“In these past couple of days I kept wondering… how can people believe or any sane person would believe in these accusations by some random people who are only looking for a few followers without even knowing the actual truth and the real story behind it,” Baig said, describing the situation as “straight up bullying and targeting people.”

In her following story, she solicited tips for an “excellent doctor.” “I need to get it to someone who desperately needs it.” Saath thorny say Bhi else play  Bhi Hoga jo  hua. She emphasized that such medical disorders are “true.” “Even when these patients do the same thing, no way!” It’s not the same. But, far worse than you, they begin to live in their own reality. Just like in a movie or something. Because you folks hype them up instead of helping people in need. “This causes tremendous harm to their own health,” she explained.

“PS: I’m not a doctor or anything. But my sister most clearly is. So now I have facts. Whereas I am simply your very own girl who only knows how to amuse people with my singing.” In a third narrative, she specifically linked to Mair’s recordings, saying she “knowingly bleep[ed] certain words and only posted half the video.”

Last July, the couple got engaged, and the ceremony was attended by actors Hania Aamir and Ali Rehman Khan, as well as singer Uzair Jaswal. The ex-couple was honest about their feelings and frequently posted fondly about one another on social media.

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