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Why Did Marilyn Monroe Body Go Missing? What Happened to Her?

Aside from the drama in their personal lives, superstars are remembered for the indelible imprint they left on their respective areas. Blonde, the recently released dramatized film, is based on the life of actress Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe’s personal life had a significant impact on her professional accomplishments. Her personal relationships frequently took precedence over her professional ones. Her sad early death cemented her place in film history for all time.

Why Did Marilyn Monroe’s Body Disappear?

 Marilyn Monore‘s room window was shattered, and her psychiatrist entered to find Marilyn dead as though she were naked on the bed. Her doctor swiftly concluded that she had died and called the authorities.  When the cops arrived, they took her body to a nearby morgue to be inspected by a pathologist. According to reports, no sign of any evidence related to what happened to her can be uncovered, hence no further inquiry into the case can be conducted.

A significant number of journalists allegedly bribed the morgue guards, who subsequently photographed Marilyn’s naked corpse. These images were supposed to have once been shown in a Hollywood museum, but they have since been destroyed.

Even after she died, the sexualization of her body and the assessment of its attractiveness persisted. Marilyn and those who had access to her closets had no control over why Marilyn Monroe’s body went missing or the photographs that were circulated.

There was no one to care for Marilyn’s body when she died because she had no family. The body of the famous person with the well-known visage had been lying in a mortuary for the entire day before being claimed by her second husband, Joe DiMaggio.

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Following that, he handled the arrangements for her funeral and crypt. Marilyn’s hairstylist and makeup artist went to the mortuary to prepare her for the funeral service. There are allegations that Marilyn’s hair and the tissues tucked into her bra were afterward auctioned off to the general public.

Even after her death, Marilyn was seen as an s*x figure, and this perception has not changed. When Richard Poncher died, he requested that he be buried above Marilyn, face down, so that he could “sleep on top of her.”

Richard Poncher’s request was granted. This request has been granted. Hugh Hefner, the controversial publisher of Playboy magazine, was laid to rest alongside Marilyn Monroe. This was the same man who, without her permission, published her naked images in the first edition of Playmate magazine in the 1950s.

Marilyn Monroe: Who Was She?

According to the Smithsonian, Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles. At the time of her birth, her full name was Norma Jean Mortensen. Monroe spent much of her life in foster care due to her mother’s paranoid schizophrenia and the family’s financial issues, as well as her father’s absence, until she married Jim Dougherty, then 21, when she was 16 years old.

Why Did Marilyn Monroe Body Go Missing

When she was eighteen, she was found by a photographer while working in a weapons factory, and her modeling career took off swiftly. Her marriage fell apart as her career took off. In 1946, 20th Century Fox offered her a screen audition. Prior to her debut in 1953 with films like How to Marry a Millionaire and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, she played femme Fatales and mistresses in supporting roles.

What Became Marilyn Monroe?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Marilyn Monroe overdosed on sleeping pills on August 5, 1962, at her Brentwood residence. The woman, 36, had called her psychiatrist the day before to complain about being awake all night. At 3 a.m., the actress’s housekeeper heard a noise in her room and noticed the lamp was turned on.

Monroe’s housekeeper and a companion called her doctor after she failed to respond to their knocks on her bedroom door; the psychiatrist busted a window and entered to find Monroe motionless. Monroe’s death was confirmed after her psychiatrist called Monroe’s sleeping medication prescriber.

The news of her death quickly traveled around the world. Monroe was discovered dead in her Brentwood home on Sunday from an apparent overdose of sleeping pills, according to the Los Angeles Times obituary. “One of the problems with this whole case,” according to Spada, is that there are “so many different tales” about her death. According to Michael Salesman, a publicist’s assistant, “the reality is secret to everyone.” “The truth will never be revealed.”

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