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‘Wordle’ Today: Get the Answer, Hints for July 6!

As the clock strikes twelve o’clock a.m. on Wednesdays throughout the world, a new Wordle is ready for your viewing pleasure. Even though it’s more rewarding to figure things out on your own, we’re here if you get stuck.

To avoid any confusion, the answer to Wordle puzzle #382 for July 6th can be found at the conclusion of this page. Read on for some helpful insights, tips, and techniques that will help you solve the puzzle today and every day.

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Who Made Wordle? Where Did Wordle Come From?

It was at the end of 2021 when Wordle’s abrupt explosion sparked a media frenzy that focused on its creator. Invented by a former Reddit worker in 2021 as a private exercise for him and his word game-loving partner, Josh Wardle was a former Reddit engineer.

Eventually, it became an integral part of their family’s WhatsApp communication, and Wardle began to suspect that he had a product worthy of wider distribution.

The New York Times purchased it from him in early 2022 because it was so unique. It’s become a daily ritual for tens of thousands of individuals.

Was this the day you were hoping for? The Wordle answer for July 5 can be found below.

Is There a Wordle App for Android or Ios? Is Wordle Free?

If you perform a search for “Wordle” in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, don’t take the results for real. The original Wordle, created by Josh Wardle in late 2021, is now only available as a web game. A shameless copycat that’s seeking to profit from someone else’s success is at the very least a shameless copycat.

And, sure, it’s still completely free.

Wordle of the Day Game

Is Wordle Getting Harder?

Wordle has a Hard Mode that you can enable if you’ve been finding it too simple. In other words, until you engage in this mode, Wordle will not become more difficult. As long as the last few days have been a smorgasbord of terribleness, don’t worry too much about breaking your streak.

Why Are There Two Different Wordle Answers Some Days?

Using Wordle is all about solving the same puzzle, no matter where you are in the world, and getting the same answer. Occasionally, the puzzle game accepts two right answers on the same day, in apparent contradiction to Wordle laws.

New York Times’ acquisition of Wordle earlier this year led to the removal of obscure or sensitive terms from Wardle’s original list, resulting in this anomaly. GAILY was initially going to be a solution for last week, but it was taken out.

Refresh your browser before playing to ensure that you’re always getting the same puzzle as everyone else – the site will keep your streak.

A Subtle Hint for the Wordle Answer Today:

The same letter is used multiple times. It’s possible that this is a non-consecutive repeating letter or a double letter, or possibly both.

Wordle Today Is a 5-letter Word That Starts With…

The letter F! Yes, same as yesterday.

What’s the Answer to the Wordle Today?


We’re about to tell you the answer.

Today’s word is…


That’s a rare occurrence of a triple letter! Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Amanda Yeo and Adam Rosenberg contributed to this piece of reporting.

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