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You Season 4: Everything We Know So Far!

Season 4 is on its way, and this time Joe is conducting his wicked deeds on the other side of the Atlantic. Filming in London has come to an end on the hit show, which will return in 2021. Season 4 filming locations, potential storylines, and a review of how Season 3 concluded have all been compiled for your convenience.

You season 4 is coming, and we’ve got all the details on who’s returning and who’s joining the cast, as well as a probable release date, a possible teaser trailer, and more. Warning: spoilers ahead for season 3.

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You Season 4 Release Date Speculation

Season 4 of You began filming in March 2022 and is scheduled to conclude in July 2022. We should expect season 4 to premiere somewhere in February 2023 assuming the season 3 premiere date is followed by the season 4 filming schedule.

You Season 4 Plot

You had a dramatic end to your third season, to put it mildly. For his standards, Joe’s murderous rampage is quite a bit. He killed his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), abandoned their kid, faked death, cooked his toe into a pie, and then set fire to his house in the California suburbs.

Nick had just landed in Paris, where he was looking for Marienne, a native of the city when we last saw Joe. Only a few episodes will be filmed in Paris for You season 4, while most of the season will be set in London. Even though no further story specifics have been published, Joe has enough ghosts in his past to keep him disturbed this season.

You Season 4 Cast

Marianne, the object of Joe Goldberg’s infatuation in season three, comes back, but it’s not yet clear how she’ll be involved in the show’s fourth season.

Main cast additions make up the remaining members. Euphoria’s Lukas Gage, who portrays Adam, a wealthy American expatriate, is the first to join the cast.

Star of Feel Good Charlotte Ritchie plays Kate, a gallery director who’s skeptical of those who aren’t her friends and fiercely loyal to those who are. Lady Phoebe’s best friend, Tilly Keeper, is rich and well-known, and because of her openness and trustworthiness, she often attracts con artists.


You Season 4

When Amy-Leigh Hickman portrays Nadia, an opinionated literature student, and aspiring author, she needs help covering up some past transgressions that threaten to ruin her life. Finally, Ed Speleers is Rhys, a self-deprecating author whose memoir launched him into the public eye.

Nancy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Stephen Hagan, Ben Wiggins; Eve Austin; Ozioma When; Dario Coates; Sean Pertwee; Brad Alexander; Alison Pargeter; and Adam James have all been cast as recurring characters.

You Season 4 Trailer

YouTube video


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