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What Is the You Season 4 Release Date? What to Expect?

You recently finished filming its fourth season, which will be available on Netflix. It was reported at Netflix’s TUDUM event that season 4 will be released in two parts, the first in February 2022 and the second in March 2022. Here is everything we currently know about Netflix’s You season 4.

Based on Caroline Kepnes’s novels You and Hidden Bodies, You is a Greg Berlanti-directed Netflix Original romantic crime drama series. Before being picked up by Netflix as an Original, the series first aired on Lifetime. When You debuted on Netflix, the show’s popularity skyrocketed, and over 54 million homes around the world watched it. Joe relocates in every season of You. From New York to Los Angeles to Madre Linda and lastly, to Paris, France, the deeply unnerved amorous serial killer has journeyed.

When Will Netflix Release Episodes Of You Season 4?

When You on NETFLIX originally debuted in 2018, it immediately became popular with viewers. Fans are eager to learn everything there is to know about season four even though Season 3 is only a few days away. When will You season four be available? You got renewed for a fourth season on October 13, 2021, one day before the season premiere.

When Was Season 4 Of You Renewed?

You’s fourth season renewal was announced by Netflix 48 hours before the third season’s debut, which was a stunning move on their part. Sera Gamble, one of the two showrunners, made the announcement and said: According to Gamble, “We’re incredibly appreciative that Netflix has provided You with such immeasurable support and that viewers all across the world have loved seeing Joe really go it all very wrong over the past three seasons.

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The fourth season of You will “explore new, dark dimensions of love,” according to the creators. You wouldn’t be was always going to be renewed for a fourth season because it was one of the most-watched Originals in the Netflix library. To avoid spoiling what was in store for Joe in season 3, we had anticipated the announcement to come after the third episode aired.

When Will You Season 4 On Netflix Be Available?

It was confirmed that the fourth season of You will be broken into two parts at the Netflix TUDUM event.

What Can We Anticipate For You Season 4?

Joe and Love’s intensely adversarial relationship came to a dramatic end in the season three finale of You when Joe traveled to another continent in search of Marianne, the object of his most recent obsession. However, if Joe somehow ends himself in detention and the American authorities are notified, it wouldn’t take them long to put two and two together and determine that Joe faked his death and fled the country. The Parisian police aren’t going to be searching for a dead guy.

You Season 4

Once they made the connection between all of the murders—from Madra Linda through L.A. and back to his time in New York—they would easily be able to identify him as a serial killer. NetFlix season 4 you have blood on Joe’s hands Joe has numerous people’s blood on his hands.

Joe might leave Paris. There must be a turning point in Joe’s journey, and whether or not he finds “the one” won’t matter if there is a global manhunt underway to find him. And Joe’s sole escape route from Paris, if all else fails, is maybe to the Philippines, where his “buddy,” the genuine Will Bettelheim, resides.

Is Will Bettelheim The Key Joe Needs To Leave Paris If He Has To?

We should also mention that there have been numerous reports suggesting that season 4 may have some Parisian scenes (some have even gone a step further and suggested an Emily in Paris crossover). EW pushed Sera Gamble about the possibility of season 4 taking place in Paris, saying:

“It might. When Joe is in an unfamiliar or foreign setting, I think he performs admirably. Being so figuratively foreign may be awesome. Additionally, the world is very large. I discovered it by watching Netflix, where I’ve recently been viewing a lot of shows from foreign nations. It is a drawback of being in a pandemic. You are at home. You struggle just to walk down the street, let alone board a plane. And I must admit that it has inspired us to travel more and see more of the world.

Who Is New And Who Is Back In The You Season 4 cast?

As of right now, Penn Badgley is the only confirmed cast member that will return for You’s fourth season. Tati Gabrielle is anticipated to return in the future season as Marianne. It was revealed that Lukas Gage had joined the fourth season of You cast in February 2022.

Adam, a young son of a powerful East Coast entrepreneur who is an American ex-pat, will be portrayed by Gage. Adam, a self-described businessman, and gambler is a friendly and likable party host and close buddy, but, like Joe, he also has a lot of secrets. Although Tyler on HBO’s Euphoria is perhaps where Lukas Gage is best known, you’ll also soon be able to see him on Peacock’s Angelyne.

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