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Yve Arellano Files for Divorce from Mohamed Abdelhamed After a 90-day Relationship

Yve Arellano of 90 Day Fiance has filed for divorce from Mohamed Abdelhamid, whom she married on Season 9 of the iconic TLC show. I filed the divorce application on Thursday, September 22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she lived with Mohamed and her son, Tharan, according to court documents.

The reasons for the divorce were not disclosed, but it was revealed during the Season 9 reunion that Yve had found Mohamed cheating on her by texting married women, and that Mohamed intended to leave Yve once he received his green card.

The legal filing will come as as little surprise to fans of the show who have seen their difficult relationship play out on air. Neither Yve nor Mohamed have spoken publicly about the divorce, but Yve’s representative has, claiming that Yve and Mohamed were incompatible from the start.

Let’s take a look at the doctor from New Mexico’s connection with her younger groom, a fitness model from Alexandria, Egypt. After seeing her in a swimsuit, Mohamed Abdelhamid messaged her on Instagram.

Mohamed and Yve met after Mohamed, who is 23 years Yve’s junior, saw a photo of her in a bikini and, captivated by her figure, sent her a friend request. I traveled to Egypt to see Mohamed, and the couple got engaged, and he soon came to New Mexico on a K-1 visa.

When Mohamed arrived in the United States, the couple fought over religion, culture, and Yve’s friends, whom she refers to as “The Squad.” Mohamed was critical of her lifestyle, which her friends believe is too controlling for the free-spirited Yve.

Yve Arellano Files

When Mohamed believed Yve was not moving fast enough with her wedding plans, he threatened to locate a new green card sponsor. Regardless, Yve and Mohamed married and considered having children.

Yves and Mohamed appeared to be in a good place when they appeared at the reunion, but their enjoyment was fleeting. The 90-Day Fiance couple’s marriage was ended due to allegations of infidelity and physical abuse.

When it was uncovered that Mohamed had been texting a married lady while cheating on his wife, things in Yve and Mohamed’s marriage hit rock bottom. I’ve admitted to seeing inappropriate texts on her husband’s phone and engaging in activities that a married man should not be doing.

Soon after, Mohamed accused Yve of domestic violence, and she was charged with battery against a household member and assault against a household member. Mohamed left following the alleged incident. Yve has accused Mohamed of immigration fraud in the hopes that he would be deported and barred from returning to the United States.

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