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AnyTongs Net Worth: What Happened To AnyTongs After Shark Tank?

Today we talk about Any Tongs Net Worth.  AnyTong is a tool that may be used in the kitchen to transform a standard spoon or fork into a pair of tongs. This device is the answer, and it will free you from the obligation of purchasing a number of separate cutlery and tongs. AnyTong is produced using a spring press tool, and the material used is plastic.

It is simple to use, and any type of spoon or fork may be attached to it without any difficulty. You may purchase this gizmo from Amazon.com. This item may be purchased in single packs for $12.99 each, or in bundles of 2 for $19.99 each.

What Is AnyTongs Net Worth?

At the moment, it is estimated that AnyTongs has a net worth of two million dollars. Because this tool eliminates the need for many sets of tongs and there are a lot of women who could benefit from having this device in their kitchens. The size of the global market for kitchen utensils is projected to reach $2.7 billion in 2021, and the sector is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.25% each year.

AnyTongs Net Worth
AnyTongs Net Worth

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What Happened To AnyTongs After Shark Tank?

The inventor of this device goes on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 13 for Funding and asks the “sharks” for $150,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of the company at a valuation of $750,000. Shark Kevin O’Leary has stated that because he does not believe this company has any promise, he will not be investing further. Another of These Sharks Robert Herjavec has decided not to continue playing because he believes it to be a portentous omen for him.

Daymond, “Shark,” John commented that it is still early, therefore he will provide $150,000 in exchange for 49% of the company. According to Lori Greiner, John has a really excellent offer, thus she will not be staying. Tog Samphel responded to Daymond John’s offer of 40% equity, but John stated that he would maintain his previous offer of 49% equity. Tog Samphel is willing to take up the offer. Last but not least, Daymond John invested $150,000 in “AnyTongs” in exchange for a 49% equity stake.

Who Is The Founder AnyTongs?

Tog Samphel, who is a product designer, is the one who initially came up with the idea for this device. In 2004, Tog left Montclair State University in the middle of his studies in Art and Design because he had received an offer of employment from AOL. For the past nine years, Tog Samphel has held the position of designer for a variety of businesses, including Nintendo of America, Sourcebits, ADP, Meta, LOOP, and AOL, among others.

In January of 2023, he decided to devote his full time and attention to the company, thus he resigned from his position at Loop Company. The year 2020 saw the introduction of this apparatus.

Is AnyTongs Still In Business?

As of January 2023, the answer is that AnyTongs is still operating as a business. Tog Samphel is able to successfully run this business with the assistance of his wife, Dawn, and his children, Marcus and Jordan. At the moment, every member of his family is contributing to the management of this company.

This company has been highlighted in a variety of media outlets, such as GadgetFlow, Tom’s Finds, Yanko Design, and Trendhunter, amongst many others. The Samphel family manages the business, which has its administrative offices located in Clifton, New Jersey, in the United States.

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