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Eboni Nichols Age: Bio, Career, Net Worth, Spouse, Personal Life and More

Celebrity gay couples are embracing and enjoying their relationships in the entertainment industry by becoming more outspoken about their s*xuality in recent times. Eboni Nichols, who is well-known for being the long-term spouse of well-known singer, rapper, and actress Queen Latifah, is a prime example of this.

More people are becoming curious about her as a result of the talks and admiration their connection has generated since it became public. Ebony Nichols is an African American seasoned choreographer, dancer, actor, model, and TV personality.

She is among the top dancers in the nation, having performed alongside well-known artists like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. From an early age, she developed a strong passion for dancing and went on to become a well-known performer in stage and dance productions, appearing in TV series, movies, music videos, and advertisements.

Eboni Nichols Age

Eboni Nichols Age
Eboni Nichols Age

Eboni Nichols was born on May 12, 1978, and as of 2024, she was 45 years old. After completing her high school studies at Moreno Valley View High School, she enrolled at Orange, California’s Chapman University. The university awarded her a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre & Dance.

Who is Queen Latifah’s spouse?

Eboni Nichols is her companion. While growing up in Eagle, Ada County, Idaho, the dancer was born in California. She is an American citizen who identifies as mixed-race African-American.

Eboni Nichols Career

Queen Latifa’s wife attended Bre Dance Studio and began dancing at the age of eight. Eboni continued to refine her talents after graduating, having previously worked as a cheerleader and choreographer for the NBA Los Angeles Laker Girls.

Later, she turned her skills into a career as a professional dancer and choreographer, working with celebrities like Aaliyah and Will Smith in music videos, TV series, movies, and advertisements. Her skill allowed her to get choreographic jobs for Walgreens, Apple, McDonald’s, and Burger King, among other companies.

She joined the Television Academy in 2014 and is currently the Co-Governor of the Peer Group for Choreography. Her manager is Bloc Talent Agency, Inc. Eboni Nichols is a professional dancer and actor. Some of her roles in films and television shows include:

  • Office Christmas Party
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Miami Vice
  • Girls Trip
  • Fresh off the Boat
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live

Eboni Nichols Personal Life

The well-known Queen Latifah, Dana Elaine Owens, is the partner of openly gay Eboni Nichols. Actress, producer, rapper, and singer Latifah is well-known for her work on the television shows The Equalizer, Just Wright, and Beauty Shop in addition to her albums Travelin’ Light and Nature of a Sista.

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How Long Has Queen Latifah Been With Eboni?

They have spent nearly ten years together. The couple, who met on the Dancing with the Stars set in 2009, reportedly started dating in 2013. Speaking on her decision to seek a same-gender relationship in an interview, she stated:

“I don’t have a problem discussing the topic of somebody being gay, but I do have a problem discussing my personal life. You don’t get that part of me. Sorry. We’re not discussing it in our meetings. I don’t feel like I need to share my personal life, and I don’t care if people think I’m gay or not. Assume whatever you want. You do it anyway.”

Did Eboni Nichols Have a Baby?

In 2019, she gave birth to a son. However, the public is unaware of Eboni Nichols’ baby’s father. In October 2018, reports of an engagement to Queen Latifah and pictures of a pregnant Nichols made the rounds. The ring was a big diamond. See the tweet for more details:

In a 2018 interview, Latifah stated she was ready to start a family before the couple finally welcomed their child. In her acceptance speech for the 2021 BET Lifetime Achievement Award, Latifah mentioned Rebel, their kid, and companion Eboni.

Eboni Nichols’ Net Worth

The professional dancer’s purported net worth is $5–$7 million, according to Newsunzip. Her work as a highly sought-after choreographer helped her earn this. Despite her achievements, she keeps a modest profile.

Due in large part to her impact and noteworthy contribution to the arts, Eboni Nichols’s aptitude for dance has made her a formidable force in the entertainment business. She and her well-known partner show steadfast love and support for one other, continuously shining together at public occasions, despite the social hurdles that come with being LGBT.

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