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Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date Update and What to Expect!

Fans of Berserk have been in perpetual grief ever since Kentarou Miura’s passing. It is impossible to emphasize how much of an impact he had on the industry, thus when the thought of Berserk never reaching its end surfaced, fans were devastated. Fortunately, Miura’s pal Mori Kouji made it known that he would be taking up the manga and finishing it.

Many supporters had their doubts about Mori taking over, but it quickly became clear that he was more than up to the task of replacing Miura. After Berserk Chapter 381 was published last year, there have been no updates on the chapter’s release date until recently, when it was revealed that the manga would be returning. The announcement took several months to come, but when it was revealed that the fans’ favorite manga was coming back, they were ecstatic.

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

On April 28th, 2023, Berserk Chapter 372 is expected to be released. This will be a crucial chapter for Guts and his group. In the final chapter, Guts experienced emotional distress once more as Griffith carried Casca away. Given that he had been preparing for a long time to overcome his former closest buddy, he could not believe Griffith had managed to defeat him.

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Guts couldn’t express his feelings after being overtaken by them, so he shut himself in a room on the ship. Guts were plagued by a sense of helplessness and still had trouble accepting that he had failed to defend Casca. The ship’s occupants were praying for a miracle outside the room to stop their ship from sinking.

Thoughts of the situation outside might have had some impact on Guts, but the things that happened to Skellig entirely consumed his thoughts. Astral projection was the method Schierke chose to enter Guts’ thoughts and attempt to save him from his depressing situation. When Schierke touched the Dragon Slayer, all of Guts’ previous battles suddenly flashed across her mind.

What Will Happen Next?

Guts and Schierke will likely be the main subjects of Berserk Chapter 372. Without Guts’ assistance, they have no chance of escaping their current situation, therefore the mage will make an effort to assist him in getting back on his feet. However, getting Guts moving will require a lot of work. The best course of action for Schierke is to utilize magic to rouse Guts from his melancholy.

She might also be the voice calling Guts back to the light. There is little doubt that Guts will want to fight for Casca once he regains his senses. However, assisting the passengers on the ship to flee safely will be his primary priority. The likelihood of the team surviving heavily depends on Guts’s functionality.

The relationships between Griffith and Sonia may also be discussed in this chapter, and she may question him about his plans for Casca. Additionally, it will offer Casca some screen time and show how she felt when Griffith kidnapped her. She was unconscious when Griffith picked her up once more, so she has no idea where she is. She’ll probably freak out when she wakes up and realizes she’s miles away from her friends.

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Although Casca and Guts have experienced a lot of hardships together, there are limits to how much a human mind can withstand before crumbling. Casca has already experienced it once, and Griffith was to blame. She has hardly recovered from her prior experience, and should she run into Griffith once again, it might all creep back and do further psychological harm.

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