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How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph? Check here!

Few relationships in the Bible are as well-known as the one between Joseph and Mary, from their engagement to marriage. Mary, despite her youth, is very spiritual and reflective. On the other hand, Joseph is respectful, devoted, and watchful. They served as Jesus’ earthly parents, raising Jesus. The holy couple is undoubtedly the subject of many questions for Bible readers. One of the inquiries they make is Mary’s age at the time of the wedding.

Now let’s move on to “How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph? ” Check Here!

How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph?

As far as we know, the Bible says nothing about Mary’s age when she married. According to Matthew’s Gospel, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was married to Joseph before the Holy Spirit informed her that she was expecting a child. Under Jewish law and practices at the time, Mary and Joseph would have needed to be young adults to get married. Girls would often get engaged between 12 and 15 and get married afterwards at 15 or 16, and boys would have been 19 or 20, according to Fredriksen.

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Even though Mary’s age isn’t mentioned in this verse of Scripture, we discover she was a virgin when she promised to wed Joseph. Jewish girls as young as 12 would have been betrothed (engaged) to their future spouses at this time. Mary was between 12 and 16 when she gave birth to Jesus, according to specific estimations (Ibid.). According to the biblical account and historical Jewish cultural practices, Mary would have been between the ages of 15 and 16 when she gave birth to Jesus.

When the angel Gabriel informed Mary that Jesus would be born to her, she was probably around 14 years old (Ibid.). Mary may have been close to 15 or 16 years old when she gave birth to Jesus, depending on her birthday. Women typically carry their babies for about nine months. Although the Bible is silent on the matter, it is safe to conclude that Mary was a young woman when she gave birth to Jesus.

Was Mary a Virgin?

The “superannuation of Joseph” in literature and popular culture is what Fredriksen refers to as a later response to early church arguments about Mary’s continual virginity. The Bible clarifies that Mary must maintain her innocence and purity at all costs. To dispel any uncertainty, theologians gave Joseph the symptoms of ageing.

According to the now-familiar biography of Joseph, he was Mary’s senior companion, a widower with grown children from a previous marriage. He might be used to explain Jesus’ annoying half-siblings. The ageing saint claims he is too exhausted and humiliated to care for his young, pregnant wife.

“She’s a young girl, an old man, and I have kids. Joseph laments to the high priest, “I am scared that I will become a laughing stock to the sons of Israel. “The Protoevangelium of James was a way of reasserting, in a very emphatic way, the virginity of Mary.”

Story of Jesus’ Birth

In Bethlehem, where she gave birth to a baby, wrapped him in cloth, and laid him in a manger filled with hay, Mary spent her entire birthday. She gave the child the name Jesus. After learning he was born nearby, the guards visited Jesus’ birthplace to pray. Three astrologers from nearby nations travelled to Jerusalem after hearing about Jesus’ birth.

A star showed him where the body of Christ was. They knelt before Jesus and presented him with frankincense, myrrh, and gold as priceless presents. Nativity sceneries frequently have a stable, some animals (such as sheep or cows), several garudas, and three kings for this reason.

Celestial objects have a special significance during Christmas because of the star’s role in heralding the birth of Jesus Christ (the Son of God). The Christmas story uses Mary and Joseph’s ages, but nothing compares to the significance of Jesus’ birth. Jesus Christ’s arrival in Bethlehem proved that God was present among His people and that the end of our sinful state was near.

What Age Was Joseph When He Married?

There are a variety of Christian tales that provide Joseph’s age. It was common to refer to Joseph as older than most men, as readers will see later. However, there is no support in the Bible for the notion that Joseph was an older man. On the other hand, this faith is based on the idea that Mary was an unmarried woman. Jesus supposedly had several half-siblings, according to the Gospels.

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Many believe they were born after Joseph and Mary gave birth to Jesus. Of course, this would never be imaginable if Mary remained a virgin till her death. Therefore, it is argued Joseph had to be married before he met Mary and began producing children. Some have speculated that Joseph must have been rather old when he first appeared in the Gospels based on the period provided by this argument.

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