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Iam Tongi Wins Season 21 of ‘American Idol’

I am Tongi has been named the newest American Idol following a suspenseful three-hour finale! Tongi, 18, was declared the winner of the singing competition series on Sunday’s season finale after a breathtaking performance of his original song “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Colin Stough and Megan Danielle were his opponents, who came in second and third, respectively.

Tongi sang “Don’t Let Go” as his family, the judges, and the crowd danced and cheered as host Ryan Seacrest declared him the winner. In a previous audition, Tongi moved the judges to tears by dedicating the song “Monsters” to his father, who had passed away months earlier.

“I was more concerned about whether we would get through the song than if you would do it. Lionel Richie, the judge at the time, remarked, “What a terrific piece to choose. Your daddy is proud. These mature men are crying because of you.


“I cannot bear your heartbreak over losing your father because my nephew also lost his father shortly after moving in with me, and just watching you miss him makes me sad. You have such an incredible voice, man. Luke Bryan said, “I love you and want to see you have pleasure. You did everything correctly.

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The competition was intense, but Perry, 38, revealed in a group interview earlier this month that Tongi had something unique. “I think that the top three is strong, and Megan Danielle has earned her right to be there, and she’s got a new, beautiful confidence,” she remarked.

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“The sound in the room when I am comes on is undeniable,” Perry continued. He is an indisputable individual. He seems to possess this fantastic charm. It’s so hard to convey, almost. It’s a key element. It seems you were destined for this, and it is indisputable.



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