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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Everything We Need to Know!

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 will premiere in 2023, as stated in February. However, a new wave of news brought the first peek at the upcoming season. We even know which arc (and how many chapters) the popular anime will adapt before then.

Things have been a little quiet on the Jujutsu Kaisen front in recent weeks. So, before the new season arrives, let’s take stock of everything we know (and don’t know) about it. Do you need a primer first? We’ll review everything that’s been confirmed for the second season below.

We’ve also looked at the source material to guess what might happen next. And that’s just the beginning – keep reading to find out all we know thus far about Jujutsu Kaisen season 2. For more from the medium, see our list of the 15 best anime shows to watch right now, as well as all of the new anime from the Fall season and beyond.

Season 2 Of Jujutsu Kaisen Will Premiere In 2023

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 will be released in 2023, according to a Japanese event (H/T Crunchyroll(opens in new tab)). We don’t have any other information, but it will most likely premiere during one of the anime’s three major release windows: Winter 2023 (about January 2023), Spring 2023 (around April 2023), or Fall 2023. (starting October 2023).

If we had to bet, we’d say Fall 2023 is the most likely release date. Not only did the original season premiere in the Fall timeframe, but MAPPA has also worked on Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Attack on Titan, and the hot new thing, Chainsaw Man. That’s a busy timetable for any studio, but October 2023 would give them ample time to deliver a second season that lives up to their impossibly high standards.

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A special Toho Animation event on September 25th passed without any release date confirmation, but we now know which manga chapters the new season will adapt as well as a rough estimate of how many episodes we’ll see next year.

What Chapters Will Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Adopt?

The first season of Jujutsu Kaisen concluded with the conclusion of the Death Painting Arc, which ran from chapters 55 to 64 of the manga. It has officially been announced that the second season will begin with an adaptation of Gojo’s Past Arc, which spans chapters 65-79 of the manga.

That is based on Gojo’s background, notably a mission in which Gojo and Geto escorted a Star Plasma Vessel to Tengen. Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen will also adapt to the Shibuya Incident (chapters 79-136). Don’t worry, we’re not going into the spoiler zone here, but the Shibuya Incident Arc revolves entirely around a scheme to seal away Goto, driven by Gojo and his new cursed alliance.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

That has been verified to last two whole courses, implying that the future season would last between 24-26 episodes. Do you need a refresher on what’s already happened? Yuji and Nobara rejoin Megumi after defeating the Cursed Wombs Eso and Kechizu. Sukuna, on the other hand – employing a mouth in Yuji’s hand because of anime – consumes the finger, bringing him one step closer to reclaiming his ability.

The creeping evil, as well as that of the third Cursed Womb triplet, Choco, who has allied himself with series antagonists Geto and Mahito, will be the focus of the upcoming season. There’s also the question of a mole in Jujutsu High, with teacher Utahime on the lookout for the devious magician. This will also play a significant role in the upcoming season.

In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara (together with Maki and Panda) are recommended for promotion to Grade 1 Sorcerers, and Gojo invites them to participate in a new mission…

Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen gets its first look. The first piece of season 2 key art has been revealed via the Jujutsu Kaisen Twitter account. The photograph, which depicts Gojo and Geto as students, is shown below. A trailer will be released soon.

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