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One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Date: Complete Details!

This weekend marks the return of the One Piece manga after a brief hiatus with the release of episode 1070. When will the latest chapter of the popular manga be available to read on digital platforms? Fans were unable to contain their enthusiasm after the details regarding One Piece Film: Red and the spoilers for the manga’s forthcoming chapters were released during Japan’s Jump Festa event.

When we last left Luffy and Lucci, they were engaged in a fierce battle, during which the former displayed his most formidable form to demonstrate to the latter that the latter is no match for him. As the conflict between the two parties has not yet been resolved, it is possible that in the next chapter we may get to see how things turn out for both of them.

When Will One Piece Chapter 1070 Be Available For Download?

On Sunday, December 25, 2022, One Piece Chapter 1070 will be made available for download on Manga Plus and Viz Media. The following is the release time schedule for fans located in other countries:

  • 8:00 AM, according to the Pacific Time Zone (December 25th)
  • 10:00 a.m., local time (Central Time) (December 25th)
  • 11 o’clock in the morning, Eastern Time (December 25th)
  • The hour of four o’clock British time (December 25th)
  • Central Timing – 5:00 PM (December 25th)
  • Indian Timing – 8:30 PM (December 25th)
  • Philippine Timing – 11:00 PM (December 25th)
  • Australian Timing – 2:00 AM (December 26th)
  • Vegapunk will reveal some critical facts regarding the devil fruit in the following chapter, which contains spoilers for that chapter.

The battle between Luffy and Lucci is still going on, and Luffy is using the devil fruit to quickly gain the upper hand and defeat his opponent. In addition to employing the use of the devil fruit, Luffy assaults Lucci with a brand-new move known as “Gomu Gomu no Don.” On the other side, Sentomaru is getting medical attention for his injuries, and Lucci is taking advantage of the fact that he is in a critical state by seizing control of the Seraphim.

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Vegapunk reveals that it is not difficult to produce an identical copy of the devil fruit known as Akuma no Mi. According to her, the fact that Zoan is based on animals makes it relatively simple to duplicate, whereas the mythological ones may be more challenging to do so.

One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Date

Aside from this, the user’s lineage factor is required for replicating Paramecia, and Vegapunk only wants to explain a bit about Logias because, in her opinion, it is nearly impossible to be copied. Vegapunk believes that it is almost impossible to be replicated.

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