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Paco Rabanne Cause Of Death: How Did He Passed Away?

Paco Rabanne, a Spanish-born fashion designer best renowned for his one-of-a-kind scents and imaginative use of materials in design, passed away at the age of 88. The group Puig, which presently owns the Paco Rabanne design house as well as his fragrance empire, has confirmed that he has passed away. Paco left the fashion industry in 1999, but Puig brought the house back to life in 2011.

”Paco is likely best known for the use of materials such as plastic, metal, paper, and even fur to produce designs that are considered to be “untraditional.” What brought his passing away? This is what we currently know.”

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Paco Rabanne Cause Of Death

According to an article published in Women’s Wear Daily on February 3, 2023, José Manuel Albesa, head of Puig’s fashion and beauty division, revealed that Paco had passed away. “Paco Rabanne made transgression magnetic. Who else except fashion could make chic Parisian women so desperate to buy outfits made of plastic and metal?

Who else except Paco Rabanne could conceive of a scent to be named Calandre, which, as you may know, translates to “automobile grill,” and then make that fragrance into an emblem of contemporary femininity?” José continued, “That radical, rebellious character marked him apart.

There is only one Rabanne. As a result of his demise, we are once again brought face-to-face with the magnitude of his impact on modern design; nonetheless, his legacy will go on in the fashion brand that bears his name.”At this time, the particulars of Paco’s passing have not been made publically available. In addition, Puig’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Marc Puig, provided the following statement:

“The news of Mr. Paco Rabanne’s passing has left me feeling utterly devastated. The history of Puig and Paco Rabanne began in the late 1960s with the debut of Calandre, the perfume that was produced shortly after the designer launched ’12 Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials.’ This event marked the beginning of Puig and Paco Rabanne’s long and illustrious partnership.”

Paco Rabanne Cause Of Death
Paco Rabanne Cause Of Death

“He was a huge name in the fashion industry, and his vision was one that was adventurous, revolutionary, and controversial. It was communicated through a style that was all his own,” continued Marc.

“He will continue to be a major source of inspiration for the Puig fashion and fragrance teams, who regularly collaborate in order to convey Mr. Paco Rabanne’s radically current codes. ” My deepest condolences go out to his family and all of those who had the privilege of calling him a friend.”

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Paco Rabanne Career

Paco was well known for his achievements in the fashion industry, but he was also known for his deep interest in astrology and the occult. Women’s Wear Daily reports that in 1975, he gave an interview to a magazine in which he said, “Since I was 8 years old, I have never stopped believing in enchantment.

Because I was born under the sign of Aquarius, it is my destiny to live through the events leading up to the Third World War.” His interest in witches’ brews was the source of inspiration for a number of the most well-known fragrances that he created, despite the fact that his predictions about the end of the world have not come true.

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