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Rick and Morty Season 7: All We Need to Know!

The conclusion of Rick and Morty season 6 could not have more obviously hinted at the upcoming seventh season, which has, as you might expect, generated interest and speculation on the show’s future. Many viewers, and for a good reason, have a strong opinion about how each season of Rick and Morty should conclude.

A good number of the seasons of the program ended with Rick addressing the audience in a manner that is close to direct in order to tease upcoming installments and make jokes that are obviously directed at what the audience is likely to be thinking.

This pattern is continued in the lead-up to the seventh season of Rick and Morty, which may come as something of a surprise to some. Rick and Morty season 6 comes to a satisfying conclusion with a monologue delivered by Rick that reveals a great deal about the upcoming season 7 and what it may contain.  Having said that, there are a few facts that take place outside of the show that also helps to build up the future of Rick and Morty season 7.

Are Rick And Morty Going To Return for a seventh season?

The next season of Rick and Morty is something that everyone can agree on, despite the fact that other specifics surrounding the upcoming seventh season of the show are currently less apparent. The conclusion of Rick and Morty’s sixth season has Rick breaking the fourth wall to joke about the show’s next seasons, during which he waxes lyrical about the plot points that will be introduced in the seventh season.

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In a similar vein, the fact that the program is a good distance away from completing the ordered number of episodes that were commissioned by Adult Swim in 2018 makes it quite evident that the next season of Rick and Morty will be an imminent installment.

A Prediction For The Release Of Rick And Morty Season 7

There has not been an official announcement made regarding the release date of Rick and Morty season 7, but there are some hints as to when it might be. Dan Harmon revealed that production had begun on the show’s seventh season during the 2020 Adult Swim Festival.

Rick and Morty Season 7

This occurred around the time that the first episode of season 5 was made available, so let’s cross our fingers that the following installment is at least a decent chunk through its development when season 6 comes to an end.

As a result, the release date for Rick and Morty season 7 could follow the trend of the previous three seasons, which was to premiere approximately a year after the previous season ended; however, it is possible that the release date could be accelerated given that recent Rick and Morty seasons have been released closer together than in the past.

The Plot of Rick And Morty’s seventh season

Rick and Weird Rick, alias Rick Prime, in the first episode of Rick and Morty season 6. Season 6 makes every effort to ensure that the plot of Rick and Morty season 7 is established in the most understandable way possible.

When Rick talks about season 7, he emphasizes that it would continue right on from the way that season 6 ended, with the titular couple exploring the nooks and crannies of the galaxy that have been identified as having Rick Prime in them.

Rick Prime was introduced in season 6. However, it is also important to note that the scientist mentions this plot will be “not every episode, Morty, could be all happening in the background, who knows,” putting to rest any fears that the show would no longer feature the whimsical and wacky episodic adventures that it first became known for. It is also worth noting that the scientist mentions this plot will be “not every episode, Morty, could be all happening in the background, who knows.”

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