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Sienna Mae Boyfriend Reveal: Meet Cole Hosman All You Need to Know

The social media sensation used her Instagram account on Thursday, August 25, 2022, to display a brand-new photo of herself with her new love interest. In her story, she published a selfie in which she was lying in bed with her boyfriend on top of her. Her boyfriend’s bare chest could be seen in the picture.

The image’s background also suggested that it was a sunny day and that they might be near a beach because several palm trees could be seen there. Gomez shared several photos from her seaside trip and other images of her home a few days ago, on August 22. One of those images included her and her lover hugging one another warmly.

They might have been kissing, but it was impossible to tell because their faces were covered, mainly by the celebrity’s phone. Many people question if Gomez’s new lover is the boy seen cutting a mango and delivering it to her in the seventh slide. According to a recent Instagram post by Gomez on Friday, August 26, the new couple may be enjoying their days in Oahu, Hawaii.

The two were last spotted there at the beginning of June 2022. On June 3, 2022, the TikTok star uploaded a short film to her Instagram stories in which she could be seen standing on what appeared to be a balcony with a beautiful view of the surrounding vegetation. A short while afterward, she turned around and received an embrace from a boy many people assume to be Gomez’s new beau.

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However, her putative boyfriend’s face was hidden, making it impossible to determine who he was. Next, she reposted a statement from an Instagram page that said, “One day, you’ll realize that God was putting it all together the whole time.” She might have alluded to her contemporary romance and her return to social media after a protracted absence with the quote.

Who is Sienna Mae Gomez’s new boyfriend?

Despite this, the crucial query—who is Gomez’s new boyfriend—remains. The social media sensation hasn’t revealed anything about her new boyfriend, including his name or identity, so the answer to that query is still a mystery. She has never included her boyfriend’s Instagram handle in their joint posts.

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That would have revealed some information about him if she had done that. But for now, Gomez keeps her love life private while teasing something. She may be keeping her new relationship a secret because her previous one didn’t work out properly, which may be the reason.

Before that, she dated fellow TikTok celebrity Jack Wright, a relationship terminated after Wright accused Gomez of sexual abuse. She was also removed as a result of those accusations. While Gomez did refute those accusations, she ultimately took a long break from social media. She eventually announced her return to social media on May 29, 2022.



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