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6 People Including a Baby Were Killed in a ‘massacre’ That is Likely Gang-related California Sheriff’s Office Says

According to the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, at least six individuals were killed in an “early morning slaughter” on Monday in the town of Goshen, located in the state of California. The victims include a mother and her infant, who was just six months old.

Tulare County deputies responded to a call of shots fired shortly after 3:30 a.m. local time on Monday, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office. The announcement also stated that “the reporting party assumed an active shooter was in the neighborhood due to the volume of rounds being heard.”

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux informed reporters present at the site that responding deputies discovered a total of six casualties, two of whom were located in the street and one of whom was found in the doorway of the residence where the shooting took place.

According to him, the mother, who was just 17, as well as the infant were both shot in the head. He also stated that at least one guy was among the casualties and that he was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead there.

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“We do have family that has been evacuated from the scene, we do have survivors,” Boudreaux said, adding that investigators had yet to ascertain how they survived what he described as a “horrific massacre.” Boudreaux called the incident a “massacre.”

The sheriff’s office has stated that the assault does not appear to be an act of random violence but may be tied to gang activities. They have also mentioned that the incident came a week after deputies conducted a narcotics search warrant at the residence.

Ashley Schwarm, a spokesperson for the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, told CNN on Monday evening that while they are unable to confirm that the gunmen were members of a cartel, the sheriff believes that it seems to be an “execution-style cartel operation.” Detectives are hunting for at least two suspects, the sheriff’s office stated earlier.

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