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How Many Prisoners Die a Day: Why Suicide is the Leading Cause of Death in Jails?

Almost 30% of the deaths in correctional facilities resulted from suicide, which was consistent with previous years. Suicide rates among inmates are more than three times those of the overall U.S. population (and remain double those of the general population after adjusting for age, sex, and race/ethnicity).

Is there a reason for the prisoners’ mental illness and suicides?

Yearly enter a U.S. prison system. They’ve become a never-ending cycle for those with psychological or chemical dependency problems.

Inmates have a constitutional right to get the treatment that might save their lives, as established by the United States Supreme Court, but this is not guaranteed.

The corrections officers don’t see prisons as the country’s most important institutions for treating mental illness and drug addiction. According to Andrew Klein, author of “Mortality before Sentencing: Ending Rampant Suicide, Overdoses, Brutality, and Malpractice in America’s Jails,” “these jails demand a degree of treatment that is just utterly absent,” leading to an “absolutely unacceptable death rate” in prisons across the country.

Since 2000, when the U.S. prison population peaked, it has increased by 11%. The Justice Department has started to keep a list of these fatalities. Most inmates who die behind bars take their own lives. Drug overdose deaths have risen faster than any other cause of mortality in recent years.

Why suicide is the leading cause of death in jails
Why suicide is the leading cause of death in jails

Maggie Luna was frequently jailed in Texas. When she sought treatment for her mental illness and opioid addiction, she was met with rejection and depression.

The staff “feels a need that it is their responsibility to prolong punishment” rather than “seeing it as a place where you are there to help this individual grow better,” Luna said.

We examine the adverse effects of incarceration. Moreover, we discuss the facilities and programs that are accessible to convicts who are experiencing mental health issues or substance misuse.

The primary cause of mortality in American prisons and jails is suicide. When the public is paying more attention to local prisons because of their central position in mass imprisonment, it is vital to bring attention to the issue of jail suicide and the measures jails may take to avoid future fatalities. Another study from Vera focuses on suicide and self-harm in prisons as “sentinel occurrences” that point to a more significant problem with the care infrastructure, which has to be addressed.

In the wake of suicide in detention, Vera’s first report offered practical guidelines on conducting a sentinel event review, which is an all-stakeholder, non-blaming, and forward-looking investigation of the error.

Vera presents findings from a comprehensive analysis of four county jail systems’ evaluation and response to suicide and self-harm episodes and the systems’ ability to incorporate sentinel event reviews into their existing routines.

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