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Uncovering the Details: Jared Bridegan’s Ex-Wife Charged With His Murder

Explore the shocking case of Jared Bridegan’s ex-wife being charged with his murder. Get the latest incident details, legal proceedings, and more in this comprehensive article.

In the middle of a Jacksonville Beach roadway, Bridegan was fatally shot. The father of four children’s ex-wife admitted to first-degree murder in what Florida prosecutors termed the “cold, premeditated, and premeditated murder” of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan.

Prosecutors said, “Shanna Gardner was indicted Thursday by the grand jury on first-degree murder, a felony, and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and child abuse.”

According to investigators, Bridgen, 33, was ambushed and shot to death in the middle of a street in Jacksonville Beach last year.

Kirsten Bridegan and her daughter Bexley Bridegan
Kirsten Bridegan and her daughter Bexley Bridegan

According to the police, Gardner was detained in West Richland, Washington, and will be sent to Duval County. Although the indictment and prosecutors refer to her by the name Gardner, her last name was previously listed as Gardner-Fernandez.

His attorney declined to make any statements to a news outlet.

In the one televised interview she gave, Gardner denied any involvement in the murder of her ex-husband the previous year. “Any time divorce comes into any situation, it’s messy,” she spoke with WJAX in July 2022 in Jacksonville. 

“Even though we didn’t always get along, he was still the father of my kids,” she said.

Gardner is the third person to be accused of the homicide. Five months ago, a grand jury indicted her current husband, Mario Fernandez Saldana, on numerous counts, including first-degree murder. Henry Tenon, a previous tenant of Fernandez Saldana, was detained earlier this year and is suspected of being the shooter.

In a press conference on Thursday, the state attorney for the case, Melissa Nelson, said: “This investigation has brought out the truth about Jared’s murder. Henry Tennon did not act alone. Mario Fernandez did not plan alone, and Shanna Gardner The indictment acknowledges her central and critical role in the cold-blooded, planned and premeditated murder of Jared Bridgen.”

Mario Fernandez Saldana
Mario Fernandez Saldana

Police said, “Bridegan was shot as he approached the tire the night he was killed while returning home after dropping off twins he shares with his ex-wife. The then-2-year-old and a younger daughter at home with his wife at the time of the shooting were two of Bridegan’s other two daughters with his wife, Kirsten Bridegan.”

In connection with the killing of Bridegan, Fernandez Saldana was charged with first-degree murder in March. He has now entered a not-guilty plea. Prosecutors have said, “They will seek the death penalty in his case.”

In January 2023, almost a year after the fatal shooting, Tenon was detained in connection with it. Since then, he has admitted guilt to second-degree murder and is aiding the prosecution.

Nelson has previously said, “The tenant-landlord relationship was the “single link” tying Tenon to Bridegan.”

According to authorities, prosecutors did also ask for Gardner’s execution. Nelson said, “We pledged at the outset of this inquiry that we would not give up until we learned the truth about Jared’s murder.

On Thursday, Gardner’s parents responded to her claim. Shelly and Sterling Gardner, her parents, said,

“Words cannot accurately express the depth of our sadness,” her parents, Shelli and Sterling Gardner, said. “Family is our top priority. We love our daughter and focus on supporting her and our entire family as we help our grandchildren navigate this difficult and confusing time.”

“For their sake and all involved, we caution against further speculation and request privacy as the legal process runs its course,” they added.

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