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A Student from South Florida Was Detained After a Video of a Savage Attack on a School Bus Went Viral

A Student from South Florida Was Detained After a Video of a Savage Attack on a School Bus Went Viral. The disturbing video of a little girl being assaulted on a school bus has gone viral, which has angered parents and inundated a school system in South Florida with requests that someone is held accountable for the incident.

In the footage captured on a cellphone, a student from Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead can be seen repeatedly punching a 9-year-old girl in the head with his fists while she attempts to defend herself from the attacker. He pauses for a second, and another student swiftly steps in to take his place amidst the commotion caused by the yells of the other students who are watching.

A warning, the video that is going viral depicts two males attacking a child who is 9 years old while she is riding on a school bus in Homestead. In other Florida news, a hospital in Tallahassee has canceled non-emergency procedures and is cooperating with law authorities to address an information technology security concern.

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A tourism website compiled a list of the ten beaches in the United States that it deemed to be the “deadliest.” 7 of them are in the state of Florida; below are their locations: During the nearly 40-second duration of the film, there does not appear to be any adult intervention.

This week, Miami-Dade Schools issued a statement condemning the act and verifying that their local police department “arrested the offender and they will be punished accordingly.” The statement also said that the culprit would be disciplined appropriately.

A spokesman for the school district stated in a written statement that “this school district goes to great measures to encourage the virtues of restraint and respect, as well as utilizing social media responsibly.” “We ask that you, as parents, instill these values in your children at home.”

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Officials with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue stated that the incident took place at approximately 4:10 p.m. on Wednesday in the vicinity of 24400 SW 124th Ave. in the city of Homestead, which is located approximately 40 miles southwest of Miami. The two injured children were evaluated by first responders before being given back to their respective parents.

According to CBS News, the mother of the victim contacted a television station in South Florida, CBS, four hours before the event to express her worries about the prevalence of bullying at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy. Administrators at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy did not reply to requests for comments that were made on Friday.

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