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A Texas Man Admits to Beheading His Newlywed ‘undocumented’ Wife

According to reports, a Texas man was ordered held on a $500,000 bond for allegedly murdering and decapitating his newlywed bride inside the home they lived on his family’s property. Just minutes after the heinous murder, surveillance video appears to show Jared James Dicus, 21, taking a beer from a convenience store.

According to FOX 26 Houston, the video shows him passing past the desk without paying before breaking open the cold one outside in the parking lot. Dicus had recently married Anggy Diaz, 21, in October. The victim, according to Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, was an “undocumented” woman who worked as a counter helper at a local shop.

Diaz’s relatives stated that she was born in Nicaragua and was initially cared for by an aunt, Adis Diaz, when she arrived in the United States. “When Central Americans or Latinos immigrate to another nation, their children are left in the care of someone,” Adis Diaz told FOX 26. “She reminded me of my own daughter. It’s been quite difficult. We are devastated as a family. I’ve slept for two hours since this occurred.”

According to officials, Jared James Dicus was interviewed and offered a full confession, admitting to the death of his wife. Dicus was charged with murder. Guidry said deputies first responded to a complaint of a possible deceased person in the 200 block of Oak Hollow Boulevard at 4:18 p.m.

Wednesday. In the rural, partially wooded residential area, the wedded couple lived in a small home behind another house owned by Dicus’ parents on the same land. When Dicus’ son came over to his parent’s house and they noticed something was wrong, Dicus’ father dialed 911 first, Guidry told reporters last week.

The sheriff said deputies discovered a “gruesome scene” covered in blood inside the smaller home where the newlyweds had lived, as well as a chunk of the woman’s mutilated body. Dicus and his entire family were apprehended and questioned.

Guidry stated that the weapon used was a kitchen knife. The sheriff also stated that investigators had obtained a confession. Anggy Diaz’s relatives called the 21-year-old woman from Nicaragua who married in Texas as “a parent’s worst nightmare” after learning she was brutally murdered by her newfound husband.

Dicus was eventually arrested and charged. Investigators believe Dicus was murdered around 11 a.m. that day, as evidenced by surveillance video from a neighboring convenience shop. The motivation is still being investigated. According to KTRK-TV, police are investigating if narcotics were involved.

“Diaz was this tiny beam of sunshine in his life,” said a neighbor who grew up with Dicus. “She had a positive attitude. He made her happy, and she kept him happy.” Waller County Judge Trey Duhon married the couple on Oct. 21 at the local courthouse.

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Duhon initially tweeted a photo of Diaz in a wedding gown, smiling, with her new husband, Dicus, on her shoulder. Following the murder, Duhon stated that he removed the couple’s photo from Facebook. In October 2022, Waller County Judge Trey Duhon married Jared James Dicus and Anggy Diaz.

“During my little time with them, they were a very sweet young couple,” Duhon wrote last week, including a link to the victim’s family’s GoFundMe page, which is gathering funds for burial expenses. “Like many of you, I am deeply saddened and surprised by the news of this horrible occurrence, and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of their families.”

“Out of respect for the families, I have removed my photo with the couple and the post announcing their marriage, especially because of the insensitive character of certain comments on that post,” the judge continued.

The crime is described as “a parent’s worst nightmare” on a GoFundMe website launched by an uncle who considers himself Diaz’s guardian. “She was a beacon of hope for our family and neighborhood. Always with a smile and a happy demeanor.

Her absence from our lives will be felt for the rest of our lives “According to the page. Guidry said there had been previous disturbance reports relating to the home, but none had escalated to the degree of violence seen on Wednesday.

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