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Accident of a Serious Nature on Route 17 in the Town of Mahwah

According to the statements made by Mayor Jim Wysocki, one person passed away and another was rushed to the hospital after a major accident that occurred on Route 17 south in Mahwah on Thursday morning. The victim was a male passenger in a Toyota Sienna minivan that collided with a tractor-trailer in front of a Pilot gas station.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured. According to Wysocki, the female driver was transported to Hackensack University Medical Center after the accident occurred. Wysocki described the situation as “ugly.” “It was upsetting to witness.” In the immediate aftermath of the incident, traffic on 17 south was only moving in the left lane, but it has since started moving again in both lanes.

Mahwah, New Jersey: The Mahwah caboose is one of just two of its sort that is still in existence. It is undergoing maintenance at the moment. After the collision, members of the Mahwah Police Department arrived at the scene. It was not immediately possible to obtain further information regarding the collision or injuries sustained.

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An accident that occurred earlier in May on Route 17 near Saddle Brook claimed the life of a driver, and in October, an explosion involving a gasoline truck claimed the life of another driver on Interstate 287 in Mahwah.

“I’ve seen more and more fatalities in Mahwah at the northernmost portion of 17 at the state line and 287,” claimed a former Bergen County Police Chief named Brian Higgins. “I’ve seen more and more fatalities in other parts of the county as well.”

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