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AEW Fight Forever Release Date: Complete Details!

Although at this time AEW Fight Forever does not necessarily have a release date, we have learned about some ideas for the game’s future that will be implemented in the near future. Evil Uno has been heavily involved with the development of the game, and he recently discussed his potential revelations with Fightful at Wrestlecade.

Uno has stated that he is of the idea that the AEW Fight Forever game will be a single release that will continually evolve over time. This is despite the fact that it has been the subject of rumors and speculation in the past.

This is in lieu of a yearly or periodic release, which would necessitate the acquisition of a brand-new game for each subsequent edition. Even the moniker “Fight Forever” may have something to do with it, according to what he said.

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Additionally, he confirmed what we had previously heard, which was that there will be a roster of over 50 talent and that even that would be increased over the course of time. We found out that Danhausen is not going to be included in the original release because his appearance was a little bit too late for him to be a part of the first run.

AEW Fight Forever Release Date

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