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Emily In Paris Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained?

Let’s recap “Emily in Paris” season 2 to decide. First, Emily is less obnoxious and more open-minded this season. She’s learning French with her new roommate Mindy and finally taking French courses, even if she’s still failing in love, her job, and life. After reading this “Emily in Paris” season 2 recap, you decide if you like Camille’s villain origin tale.

Emily In Paris Season 2 Spoilers

After a romantic night with Gabriel, Emily had to go to Saint Tropez with Mathieu in “Emily in Paris” Season 1. (which they decided to keep a secret from Camille). The drag performance makes Mindy a singing star. Emily interferes with Julien’s account because clients want more OTT ideas like Pierre and promotes collaboration between Ramone (Julien’s luxury suitcase account) and Pierre.

She talks to Mathieu and makes things work without Julien, and Ramone sends a package. It’s a Pierre-faced suitcase. Julien is shocked and informs Emily they are now enemies. Emily brings the suitcase to Saint Tropez. Gabriel calls Emily as they board the Saint Tropez train.

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She says they messed up and she couldn’t break Camille’s heart. Mathieu overhears her lovey-dovey talk with Gabriel and storms off the train, telling her he cannot go to Saint Tropez with a woman who loves another guy. Emily goes to Saint Tropez alone, and Camille, saddened, joins her.

Emily invites Mindy along to avoid saying or doing something dumb. After seeing Pierre’s face on her suitcase, Emily encounters Grégory Elliott Duprée, who says he’s a close friend. Emily poses with Duprée and the luggage to promote cooperation.

Duprée, Pierre’s ex-prodigy and current foe, lied. Emily has nearly been fired again. She then visits the Champère-collaborating restaurant and gets “sprayed” for her increasing Instagram account. Emily and the girlfriends attend a weird nighttime party.

Camille dates a handsome man. She texts Emily to pick her up from an abandoned church. Camille tells Emily she loves Gabriel at church. The girls finish their Saint-Tropez vacation on Duprée’s yacht, generating a stylish Champère campaign.

After returning to Paris, Mindy learns that Emily’s birthday is tomorrow. Mini parties are planned. Mathieu tells Camille she was with another man when they run into each other. Emily and Gabriel spend a romantic moment shopping for her birthday party.

Emily In Paris Season 2 Recap

Camille sees Gabriel’s cooking pan in Emily’s kitchen when everyone comes for supper. She deduces Gabriel and Emily had an affair. Camille departs for dinner after a vengeful outburst. Emily returns Gabriel’s pan after feeling terrible.

Camille dislikes speaking French and removes Emily from her Savoir account. Disorganized, Emily takes French. She meets another attractive Londoner, Alfie. Benoît and Étienne, two lovely boys, encourage Mindy to busk around Paris since they love her singing.

Mindy joins. Gabriel grovels to Camille and apologizes. Camille is unforgiving when he says he loves her. First-time band vocalist Mindy enjoys herself. Gabriel’s restaurant opening party is Emily’s. She kisses him after discussing specifics.

Emily hires Mindy’s band for Savoir’s jewelry company yacht party. Emily and Alfie bond. As a banker, Alfie tells Emily he doesn’t like France. Emily invites Alfie to the yacht party to introduce him to Parisian love. Camille complains to her family that Emily and Gabriel are making her mother’s plot.

Later at work, Emily learns she’s working on the Champère account again and Camille wants to meet. Camille promises friendship in exchange for never dating Gabriel (ladies precede males, right?). Emily and Alfie enjoy the yacht party.

Young photographer Erik Degroot appears to like Sylvie. Benoît admits to liking Mindy, so everything appears fine. Emily confronts Gabriel and declares their relationship over—or is it? Sylvie and Erik had fun. Camille brings Champagne to reconcile with Gabriel. Gabriel, who wanted a restaurant party, is stressed since the party is thriving. Unlike Gabriel, Antoine invited many people since he wanted a big restaurant.

Gabriel panics when the party gets out of control, but Camille calms him and takes over the bar. Success! Madeline, Emily’s Chicago supervisor, hinders Savoir’s work, making Sylvie mad. Emily sleeps with Alfie and wears his blazer home after her top is ripped. Finally dating, Mindy and Benoît are having fun.

Alfie is ghosting Emily by not answering her texts and calls. He couldn’t respond because his phone was in her blazer from the night before. He’s been waiting for her at Gabriel’s restaurant, and they instantly connect. Emily returns to her family’s chateau for business and vacation while working on Camille’s account.

Emily is filming Camille’s family when Camille’s father accidentally cuts off his finger while trying brand gimmicks. Emily recommends he be the brand’s face. Camille fainted, and Emily’s ghost face was bloody. Camille’s mother summons Gabriel.

After everything, Gabriel and Camille seem to be getting along, leaving Emily as the third wheel. She unexpectedly goes for Paris and discovers Madeline here, changing everything at Savoir (it turns out someone can be even more obnoxious than Emily for the French).

Antoine’s Perfumery is hosting a fragrance-creation campaign. Madeline breaks Sylvie’s most essential French rule—never combine business with pleasure. She urges Antoine to raise Savoir’s commissions, upsetting him and his wife.

Luc accidentally tells Alfie about Emily’s love triangle. Emily reassures him. Alfie believes her after falling for her. Emily emphasizes in detail that Madeline should respect cultural variations when discussing Savoir’s finances. Duprée’s marketing team fires him after a bad period. Savoir is excited to tell Pierre.

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