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Dodi Fayed Cause of Death: Why Do People Call It the Death of a Playboy?

Dodi Fayed did not lack anything. A riches, an Oscar, and even his princess were waiting for him. On the night he passed away, though, something was still absent.

Who is Dodi Fayed?

Dodi Fayed was the stage name of Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Mena them Fayed, who was born on April 17, 1955, and passed away on August 31, 1997. He was an Egyptian film producer and the son of the millionaire Mohamed Al Fayed. At the time of their deaths in an automobile accident on August 31, 1997, he was the loving boyfriend of Diana, Princess of Wales. The accident took place in Paris, France.

 Cause of Death of Dodi fayed:

1997’s hazy kiss introduced Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed. Dodi Fayed was the son of Mohamed al-Fayed and Adnan Khashoggi’s sister Samira. He’d gotten renowned. After his notoriety, newspapers branded him a “playboy” with multiple prominent ex-girlfriends. Dodi Fayed, 41, was a film producer from Alexandria, but nobody cared; the lady he was kissing in the foggy shot was Diana, Princess of Wales.

Mohamed al-Fayed met Diana in London. On July 11, he flew her and her boys to his southern France residence. Dodi followed. Vacation includes Jonikal. The paparazzi took multiple jet-ski shots. Only the young princes went to a nightclub that night. Diana returned to France with Dodi after the princes visited their father.

The ferry to the tunnel took two days and progressed rapidly. The reporters trailed the pair on a dinghy around St Tropez Bay. Diana water-gunned them. The pair’s constant hounding was a premonition of what was to come. Diana helped. She looked to be arranging everything, from the set images (jumping from the boat, the kiss) to her assurance to the media floating nearby that she would deliver an astounding tale “very soon.”

After departing the royal system, Diana lacked trust. Her surviving companions were clairvoyants and numerologists. She was chased by paparazzi and sought royal protection. She was orphaned. Mohamed al-Onassis-sized Fayed’s riches and security obsession aren’t startling.

Al-Fayed attempted to construct an alternative power structure around Diana after losing his chase for British citizenship in the cash-for-questions controversy. Dodi was pleased when Al-Fayed recommended they see Diana. No Dodi.

I’ve been curious about Dodi after watching al-memorial Fays for his son and Diana in Harrods. I documented him. My producer interviewed Mohamed al-Fayed. I was convinced he’d agree; he’d previously mentioned Dodi and wanted to explain. I was pro-Fayed, having mouthed “MI5” following Diana’s death.

dodi fayed cause of death

Al-office Fayed was nice but made it plain he would only participate if a) everyone adored Dodi, b) he had a solid film career, and c) rumors surrounding his drug usage had no evidence. It was a list of items to research.

It’s noteworthy that Dodi gave an interview. I never recorded a public word. Dodi’s father produced a musical monument akin to Diana’s. Al-“My tribute’s Father, My Son” Home movie footage shows Dodi skiing, stroking a cat, and piloting a speedboat. Dodi’s seclusion is unnerving. He’s affluent and alone. We don’t hear what he’s saying. He’s speechless.

“The Kiss” covers Dodi’s face. No kiss? Diana dated Dodi? I noticed his evasion.

Two photos were on Dodi’s desk in his Park Lane apartment: one with Tony Curtis and Hollywood pals, the other with a woman I didn’t recognize. Denice Lewis, who dated Dodi for five years, resides in Los Angeles and paints with ashes. We met at her downtown barbed-wire and faux-graffiti museum. Denice is 6ft plus heels and holding a chihuahua. I asked about Dodi.

I don’t remember the party or gathering.

Wow! In 20 minutes, Dodi calls a helicopter.

“I liked visiting their country estate and horseback riding. We’d sail in southern France. It was terrific. “Denice grinned and held her chihuahua.



Years passed.

No commitment to long-term dating.

Dodi dated Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts, Marie Helvin, Koo Stark, Britt Ekland, Winona Ryder, Daryl Hannah, Joanne Whalley, Tina Sinatra, and Tanya Brier.

Clarified Denice. “You have a tonne of money, a bevy of beauties, and these women are like vultures; they go for guys. Dodi would be a guaranteed catch for many of them.”

Dodi was anti-female. He loved celebrities. Publicist Pat Kingsley was seen leaving limos and entering LA restaurants. It’s unlikely that Dodi slept with these women. Company. Theirs.

Dodi pleases Denice. As I probed, the story thinned. He had trouble forming intimate relationships, so he created a playboy image.

Dodi’s cousin Hussein Khashoggi told me about his father and childhood in Kensington. Young Hussein and Dodi sailed the Mediterranean. Adnan Khashoggi and Mohamed al-Fayed. Khashoggi fought al-Fayed over money. The split caused conflict. Dodi Al-parents Fayed’s divorced when he was 4, so he attended expensive schools and rarely saw them.

Hussein knew Dodi as a toddler despite being anti-al-Fayed. Everyone protects you: drivers, bodyguards, employees. You’re sent to boarding schools, so you see your parents for three months in summer and a little in winter.

Dodi attended Sandhurst on Al-dime. Fayed’s Rich sons of small nation presidents can take 18-month playing-soldier courses at Sandhurst. Oil magnate sons chose Sandhurst for its public/military reputation. In the mid-1970s, London changed considerably. Mayfair’s Burkas (by women carrying Gucci bags). Old money disliked Arab and Middle Eastern wealth.

Dodi completed Sandhurst to honor his father. “When you’re wealthy, you wonder, ‘What am I doing?‘ Dodi and I wanted to serve our dads.

His PA told me he ran out of money in the first week of the month and predicted he’d find a Bulgari-loving woman. “Quick, Pam, charter me a jet,” Dodi says.

Dodi bought toys and gadgets despite bouncing checks. He was the first LA Humvee and Walkman owner. He also bought army and naval uniforms and regimental baseball caps.

“You weren’t sure if it was sorrow or his father thrashing him,” says Hollywood director Stan Dragoti.

Al-Fayed bought Dodi a Ferrari dealership, put him on Harrod’s board, and backed Allied Stars, which made Chariots of Fire and won Dodi an Oscar.

Dodi tried cocaine in Hollywood in the 1980s, away from his father’s control. Elite Hollywood coke culture was unlike today’s tawdry image. Cocaine ruled the 1980s. It was energizing, innovative, lighter, and cleaner than the 70s heroin culture.

Friends deny seeing him do it and divert the subject. He worried about germs and used wipes to shake a stranger’s hand. He stayed in Howard Hughes’s Beverly Hills Hotel suite.

1997-Diana Events brought together three people who needed each other: Diana, on the rebound from surgeon Hasnat Khan and eager to use Dodi to get back at him; al-Fayed, at the end of a long road of humiliation at the hands of the British establishment; and Dodi, eager to do something his father would consider worthwhile.

Kelly Fisher was on a boat near the Jonikal, engaged to Dodi and wearing his mother’s engagement ring.

Kelly and Dodi dated two years ago. It was his first significant relationship since his 1987 marriage to Suzanne Gregard. Dodi and Kelly got engaged in 1997. “We were never alone,” Gregard blamed their frequent escorts.



Dodi, stop it. Diana was in St. Tropez while you fucked me.

Kelly was angry with Dodi, but he had a reason. Kelly recorded Dodi’s speech. Kelly’s next appearance with her mother seemed like another Dodi-Diana cash-in.

Kelly liked shopping, Dodi’s Hollywood friend Jack Martin said.

Doubtful. In a shallow, cynical culture, Kelly’s moment seemed genuine. Her anger at al-Fayed and Dodi wasn’t financial. Kelly laughed while Dodi’s hands were restrained.

“If the father said, ‘This is perfect for you,’ Would he say “I’ll make your life great”? You may agree. “Hussein:

Henry Hay, a cashmere millionaire who partied with Dodi in the 1980s, feels responsible. Misunderstanding him and al-Fayed, he has no choice.

Dodi has always wanted to please his father. Must.

The late-night Mercedes in Paris may have been a diplomat’s, but a 41-year-old man-boy sat with Diana to please his father.

Dodi’s disobedience after his ill-fated wedding to Suzanne may have led to this mission. Since al-Fayed hadn’t authorized, every plan change terrified security.

Al-Fayed denied changing the arrangement the night Diana died, telling Dodi to “remain.”

Dodi lied about meeting al-Fayed and died, sparing him his father’s wrath.

Al-burden Fayed’s is that of a loving father. Dodi knew he couldn’t be his own best judge. Al-work Fayed’s relationship with Diana was damaged. He lost a project, but more importantly, he lost his kid.

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