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Are Sharon and Ozzy Still Together?

Ozzy Osbourne, sometimes known as the “Prince of Darkness,” rose to prominence as the frontman of the well-known metal band ‘Black Sabbath.’ Unfortunately, Ozzy was fired by ‘Black Sabbath’ in 1979, citing extensive drug and alcohol use as the reason. Ozzy, on the other hand, refuted the claim’s extreme nature. He then launched his solo career and is now one of the biggest stars in music.

The legendary vocalist met his wife Sharon Rachel Levy (now Osbourne) in 1970, when her father, Don Arden, was the manager of the band ‘Black Sabbath.’ Ozzy was sacked from the band by Don Arden in 1979, the same year he and Sharon began dating. Sharon has been a rock for her husband over the years, and she is even partly responsible for Ozzy’s success. With fans eager to learn what happened to Ozzy and Sharon, let’s find out if they’re still together.

How Did Ozzy and Sharon, Osbourne Meet?

Ozzy first met Sharon in 1970, when the former was still a member of ‘Black Sabbath.’ Ozzy married his first wife, Thelma Riley, with whom he has two daughters, Jessica and Louis, and the two remained friends. Ozzy couldn’t spend much time with Thelma and his children because he was on tour with his band.

Furthermore, his drug and alcohol abuse strained his marriage, leading to the couple’s divorce in 1982. Ozzy was intimately linked with Sharon, who was managing him at the time, even before his divorce. The couple began dating in 1979, and soon after his divorce from his ex-wife, Ozzy and Sharon married in a lovely wedding ceremony.

In their early years, the couple was blissfully happy and even welcomed their children, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack. However, when Sharon had Ozzy arrested for attempted murder in 1989, fractures formed in their relationship. According to reports, Ozzy assaulted Sharon, who was saved by the timely entrance of the cops. The musician was eventually sentenced to 6 months in medical detention.

Sharon, thankfully, stuck by her husband and opted to stay married to him. She has been a huge support to her husband over the years, and she is largely responsible for his comeback after being fired from ‘Black Sabbath. ’

Sharon is also credited with inventing ‘Ozzfest,’ which was a huge success for Ozzy and even allowed him to reconcile with some of his old band members. Furthermore, Ozzy and his wife appeared in the MTV show ‘The Osbournes,’ which aired from 2002 to 2005.

Is Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Still Together?

Are Sharon and Ozzy Still Together?

Yes, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are still married. However, the couple had further difficulties in 2013 when reports of their alleged divorce began to circulate. Ozzy was quick to dismiss the claims, calling them untrue. He also stated that, despite relapsing into his drug and alcohol problems, he was striving to stay sober and would not divorce his wife.

However, the pair divorced in 2016 after rumors of Ozzy’s alleged affair with Michelle Pugh surfaced. The news upset Sharon, and the pair decided that the best course of action would be to divorce. Surprisingly, the pair reconciled a few months later, with Ozzy even admitting to cheating on his wife with many women because he was allegedly hooked on sex.

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After reconciling, the pair decided to enhance their relationship by renewing their wedding vows at a ceremony in Las Vegas in May 2017. Since then, Ozzy has been devoted to his wife and has frequently expressed regret for his former affairs. Sharon, too, has spoken publicly about Ozzy’s six affairs, but her marriage has since been healed and restored.

Ozzy and Sharon appear to be living a great life at the moment. They have devoted grandparents to their grandchildren, and it is wonderful to watch the two breaking free from their past and rediscovering love in each other.

Despite numerous setbacks, the couple has refused to let them undermine their relationship and has emerged stronger and more committed than ever before. With a magnificent love story spanning 40 years, the pair is deserving of all the happiness and love they are receiving today.

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