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Authorities Identify Remains As Missing 4-Year-Old Athena Brownfield

Athena Brownfield, who was 4 years old when she disappeared, was conclusively identified as the person whose remains were found in Oklahoma last week by the state’s chief medical examiner’s office. On Thursday, the authorities announced that they have conclusively identified the remains found on January 17 as those of Athena Brownfield, who was last seen four years ago. Credit for this image goes to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation’s Facebook page.

The remains were discovered on January 17 in rural Grady County outside of Rush Springs, amid a search for the 4-year-old that was sparked a week earlier after her 5-year-old sister was found by a postal worker wandering the streets near their home in the town of Cyril, which is located approximately 65 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. The search for the 4-year-old was sparked after the 5-year-old sister was found by a postal worker.

After having initially stated that it could not confirm that the remains belonged to Athena Brownfield and that they had been transferred to the examiner’s office for positive identification, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation made the announcement Thursday in a brief statement. This comes after having initially stated that it could not confirm that the remains belonged to Athena Brownfield.

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According to a statement released by the OSBI, “since a gag order was filed in Caddo County District, there is no additional comment on the investigation by the OSBI.” Oklahoma residents come from all over the state to pay their respects and celebrate the life of Athena Brownfield (KOCO Oklahoma City)

Brownfield. I had the opportunity to talk to a lady who came all the way from Oklahomans from all throughout the state to gather to celebrate and remember Athena’s life. Ivon and Alysia Adams, a married pair who took care of the Brownfields’ children, have been prosecuted in connection with the death of one of the children.

Ivon Adams, age 36, has been charged with one case of first-degree murder and one act of child neglect, while his wife, age 31, has been charged with two charges of child negligence. Both of the Adams’ children have been taken into protective custody.

According to the evidence presented in court, Alysia Adams “admitted” that her husband was responsible for the killing of Athena Brownfield on Christmas Day. After that, at one in the morning on December 26, he sneaked out of the home with Athena Brownfield’s body, and he subsequently revealed to his wife that he had buried the bones of the kid close to the fence that surrounded their previous property in Rush Springs. The inquiry into what happened to the youngsters is being helped by the children’s parents, according to the authorities.

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