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Banished From the Hero’s Party Season 2: Will It Happen?

After thirteen episodes, Banished From the Hero’s Party concluded the first season. However, the second season of the anime has yet to be announced. This is also known as Shin no Nakama Nai to Yuusha no Party  Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita, and initially aired last year.

However, because it is based on a light novel, the second season of this anime is possible. The first season of Banished From the Hero’s Party had a huge impact and finished with the heroes’ party fighting each other because Ares was plotting something.

The anime depicts the conflict between heroes and demons that desire to dominate the world. Gideon works under the supervision of his sister, Ruti. Ruti formed the Heroes’ Party to combat the demons and monsters bent on annihilating humanity.

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Gideon and Ruti assumed they’d be together forever, but that changed when Gideon became the target because he possessed incredible skills that made other heroes envious of him. Gideon does not want to leave the Heroes’ party, but he knows that they will go on without him because the heroes are so powerful.

Ares believed that removing Gideon would elevate him beyond other heroes. But that didn’t last long as everyone realized he was a snake. When the Heroes’ group set off on a mission and realized they couldn’t replace Gideon, they struggled.

Tess constantly backs up Rit, the crew leader, and she has no idea Rit has a sibling because she joined the band after Gideon left. Tess becomes Ruti’s righthand man, but she soon discovers that her job is to pilot the airship and transport the heroes to their objective.

Gideon, a hero who left his party after clashing with other members, is revealed in Banished From the Hero’s Party. Gideon changed his identity and went by Red, and he built a store selling medical herbs. Other members of the Heroes’ party were upset when Gideon departed the crew, as he had played an important role in the combat.

Banished From the Hero’s Party Season 2

But Gideon was tired because Ares was continually against him, and one day during the expedition, Gideon botched up. That allowed Ares the opportunity to go pursue Gideon in order to take his kingdom. When Gideon departed the crew, the Heroes’ celebration did not stop him.

His sister Ruti, on the other hand, knows how much he will be missed. Gideon arrives in Zoltan and introduces himself as Red. He worked and built the drugstore before opening it to the public. Citizens go there to acquire various medicines and treatments.

But the business was slow for Red, who thinks it will take time for Rit to join. Red was taken aback when he saw the Champion Rit. Rit and Red reconcile, and he realizes that he never got the chance to propose to her before.

Rit assisted Red’s business and informed him that she was moving in. Red can’t imagine he’ll stay with someone he adores. They encountered many challenges and battled various demons who sought to take over Zoltan.

Later, Ruti resolved to persuade Red to rejoin the Heroe’s party and went to the store with him. Rit discovers that Red and Ruti have decided to stay together. However, as Red demonstrates his actual might, they beat Ares’ men. Red made the decision to rejoin Rit. Red keeps running his store.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Banished From The Hero’s Party?

The official website and Twitter account of Banished From the Hero’s Party have yet to announce the second season of this anime. However, the first season left people with unanswered questions, despite the fact that viewers and supporters can await confirmation from official sources. Those interested in learning more about Banished From the Hero’s Party can do so by visiting Funimation, Bilibili Global, and Wakanim (DE).

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