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Ben Azelart Dating: Know About His Relationship Status!

American skateboarder, actor, and YouTube sensation Ben Azelart. He was born on January 10, 2002, to parents Jill and Lionel Azelart in Texas, America. Ben spent most of his childhood with his brother Julien in Hawaii, where he also went to Kailua Intermediate School. Ben Azelart started his social media career in 2014 by producing humorous Vine videos and other material.

He switched to YouTube once Vine closed down and started making videos about skating, practical jokes, and challenges. His writing attracted much interest and support, enabling him to build a social media following. Over 8 million people subscribe to Ben’s YouTube channel, and his videos have received over 1 billion views. He has over 16 million followers and over 1 billion likes on TikTok, which is also quite active.

Ben Azelart is a professional skateboarder who also works in social media. He has taken part in numerous skateboarding competitions. Additionally, he has contributed to the advertising campaigns of many different brands and businesses, such as Red Bull and Sony. Ben Azelart is well-known for his original and funny social media posts, and his fame is only increasing.

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Who is Ben Azelart Dating in 2023?

Hannah Thomas, a well-known Instagram model with over 120k followers, recently dated Ben Azelart. Several photos of the couple together have surfaced, and Ben has voiced his appreciation for Hannah. They have worked together on numerous YouTube and TikTok videos, which highlight their amusing and lively bond.

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On February 15, 2022, Ben Azelart shared love images of the couple taken on Valentine’s Day to announce his romance with Hannah Thomas formally. It is clear from their social media posts that they enjoy being together. Hannah participated in a kissing contest on Ben’s page in July 2022. They reached the finals, but Dom Brack and Sofie Dossi ultimately won the $10,000 first prize.

Ben Azelart’s Past Relationships

Ben Azelart, at 16 years old, reportedly had a romantic involvement with actress Brighton Sharbino in May 2018. The public is unaware of how and when they met, but they grew close over time. The suspicions began after Brighton posted a picture of them on her official Instagram account with the hashtags “Prom with @benazelart” and “Heart Emojis.”

Brighton later revealed the connection in June 2020 when she was tricked by her sister, Saxon Sharbino, in a YouTube video titled “I Filled My Sisters Room With Pictures of Her Ex-BOYFRIEND (Ben Azelart) SHOCKING REACTION.” After dating for almost a year, Brighton said their split was “the smoothest break-up you could have.” They still seem to get along.

Ben was associated with Lexi Hensler after his romance with Brighton ended. They were just pals who frequently worked together and shared each other’s recordings. In a September 2018 video titled “WHAT’S MY RELATIONSHIP STATUS?! Ben confessed that he had a crush on someone, saying, “SINGLE?!”

As they produced a lot of content together and Lexi used the terms “boyfriend” and “crush” in some of their videos, it was widely believed that his crush was Lexi Rivera. However, Lexi acknowledged that she was unmarried in a Q&A video titled “Lexi Rivera Answers the Internet’s Most Searched Questions About Herself” in May 2020. To keep their romance a secret, Lexi probably denied their relationship.

Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah?

Hannah Thomas and Ben are dating. After splitting with Lexi Rivera in late 2020, 19-year-old Ben Azelart began dating Hannah Thomas, an Instagram model and member of the Fashion Nova team, in the middle of 2021. Hannah, born on August 30, 2000, is 22 years august 30s more than 120k Instagram followers.

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Almost two years have passed since the beginning of the partnership, which is longer than Ben’s previous union with Lexi. While Ben initially refrained from making their relationship official, on Halloween 2021 and Valentine’s Day 2022, he published photos of Hannah and Valentine’s gifts, formally announcing their love.

They have talked about each other on social media numerous times afterwards, with Ben most recently tweeting a photo of them having sex on January 1st, 2023. Ben’s middle name is January 1and Ben and Hannah recently adopted a Labradoodle with that name. We wish them the best of luck in their future together and their careers because their relationship seems to be going well.


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