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After a Blizzard, Oswego is Sending Personnel to Buffalo

One more way in which Central New York demonstrates its commitment to being a good neighbor is by providing assistance to the city that best exemplifies this value. James Weatherup, the chairman of the Oswego County Legislature, made the announcement that personnel and equipment from the county roads department will be transported to Erie County to assist with the clean-up efforts following the recent snowstorm that hit Buffalo.

According to the Office of the Chairman of the Legislature in Oswego County, seven highway department employees and heavy equipment left Oswego County this morning to assist in the Buffalo area’s response to what local officials have described as the worst weather disaster in the region in a generation.

More than thirty people have been confirmed dead as a direct result of the storm, and large portions of Buffalo and the surrounding area are still largely inaccessible due to massive power outages and impassable streets.

According to Weatherup, “Our friends and neighbors in western New York need our assistance, and we have the resources and the know-how to assist the city of Buffalo and Erie County in getting back on their feet after this tragic disaster.”

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“In times like these, we are all New Yorkers, and it is simply the right thing to do to mobilize our resources,” said Mayor de Blasio. We want to wish western New York a swift recovery and let you know that we are happy to help in any way that we can.

Cathleen Palmitesso, who is the Director of Emergency Management, and Shawn Walker, who is the Highway Superintendent, worked together to put together the assistance and get the Oswego County team moving. According to Walker had to say, “I want to thank the highway employees who volunteered to help out their fellow New Yorkers in a time of need.”

Our experience with big snowfalls and the ability to quickly clean up after them should be able to provide considerable aid to the areas of western New York that were most hit. Duane Shepard, Phil Epp, George Pollic, Dave Chelson, Craig Pettit, and Jeremy Rhinehart, together with Corey Holcomb serving as the crew commander, are the individuals who are in charge of running the deployment, which consists of five 10-wheel dump trucks addition to a payloader.

According to the Office of the Chairman of the Legislative in Oswego County, the Oswego County team anticipates staying in western New York through the end of the week or until their aid is no longer required. This information was provided by Oswego County.

Although it is doubtful that the manpower and equipment will be required locally due to the forecast for higher temperatures in Oswego County over the next week, the crew could be called back into service if the conditions warrant it.

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