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Blue Exorcist Season 3: Everything We Need to Know!

Kazue Kato created Blue Exorcist. As of July 2022, Jump Square magazine has published twenty-seven volumes of it since April 2009. A-1 Pictures’ 25-episode anime adaptation aired on TBS in Japan from April 17 to October 2.

In December 2012, an animated feature and derivatives were released. A-1 Pictures produced a second 12-episode season in January–March 2017. This article will tell you if Blue Exorcist will return for a third season after five years.

Blue Exorcist’s third season is undecided. The second season aired five years ago, and while there is plenty of material to adapt from the ongoing manga series, the third season is doubtful. However, Blue Exorcist was quite popular and talked about, so a third season is possible. We can’t predict when. This article covers all known and unknown information about Blue Exorcist season 3. This fascinating anime series’ premiere date, trailer status, narrative, and more will be revealed.

Blue Exorcist Season 3

Kazue Katō draws and writes Blue Exorcist. Jiken” was the opening chapter in Jump Comics SQ issue 9/2008 of August 2008. Shūeisha resumed regular publication with issue 5/2009 on April 4, 2009. 23 tankōbons have collected the chapters.

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Starting April 5, 2011, Shonen Jump Advanced reissued the series when the anime aired. Viz Media licensed the series for North America and started translating it the same day. On November 27, 2010, Jump SQ’s website revealed Blue Exorcist, an anime television series based on the manga.

Studio A-1 Pictures, led by producer Hiro Maruyama and director Tensai Okamura, animated. A week late, MBS and TBS aired the 25-episode series from April 17 to October 2, 2011. The Tōhoku earthquake aftermath produced this. Japan released DVDs and Blu-rays on June 22, 2011.

The final issue was released on March 21, 2012. The fifth edition has the Special “Kuro no Iede” in addition to two to three episodes (also referred to as Episode 11.5). The episode was new, giving the series 26 episodes. On April 20, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Anime News Network began streaming Blue Exorcist with English subtitles from Aniplex. On December 28, 2012, Japan released Blue Exorcist: The Movie. Atsushi Takahashi directed it for A-1 Pictures.

Blue Exorcist Season 3

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, a 12-episode second season, aired in Japan from January 7 to March 25, 2017, after midnight. The production personnel and director Kōichi Hatsumi were different. The future of the Blue Exorcist anime is questionable, although not because of a lack of interest or material.

The series was popular, but we won’t know if it will continue until we see if there is enough interest. Despite the hiatuses, the manga has done well, and the first two seasons were favorably welcomed by fans, but there has been no news on the show’s future.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Plot?

The third season of Blue Exorcist may adapt all or part of the manga, but we don’t sure how far it will go. The third season’s length, if it happens, is unknown due to a lack of information. The source material for a third season is below.

Blue Exorcist is two-dimensional. Assiah residents are unaware of a second dimension. Satan’s demons inhabit Gehenna, the second dimension. Satan fathers Rin Okumura. He’s the new demon king. Demons cannot reach Assiah since both worlds are mostly separate.

They can possess humans, animals, and even corpses. They can control and change them. Rin was raised by the priest and exorcist Shirō Fujimoto as an ordinary person after his mother died at birth. Yukio Okumura, his twin brother, is a normal human.

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