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Cody Rhodes Injury: Behind the Suspense of WWE Night of Champions

At WWE Night of Champions on May 27, Cody Rhodes will take on Brock Lesnar, but he won’t be at full strength. According to popular belief, The American Nightmare appeared on Raw this week with a kayfabe injury that seemed to be a broken arm.

WWE Cody Rhodes Injury Update

Cody Rhodes Injury
Cody Rhodes Injury

The WWE RAW footage that opened tonight had Brock Lesnar attacking Cody Rhodes viciously backstage. The Beast surprised his opponent from behind as he approached the arena, breaking his arm with what looked like a beer keg.

Following his announcement that he wouldn’t be able to attend, Rhodes revealed an Open Challenge for Night of Champions.

Regarding Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar’s upcoming match, WWE tweeted:

Despairing spectators watched as Brock Lesnar seemed to break Cody’s arm live on television as the American Nightmare returned to fight the ten-time world champion and found himself stuck in a Kimura lock.

Rhodes was determined to carry out the fight at Night of Champions, despite Triple H’s desire to cancel it. Despite Brock Lesnar’s claims that he will hold an Open Challenge, this Saturday’s scheduled match will proceed as scheduled. This implies that Cody Rhodes’ arm injury was a show injury.

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Seldom do real injuries appear in scripted sequences, and Lesnar has a history of faking numerous “broken” limbs on television. The most adored and watched sport is WWE.

In April 2012, Lesnar “broke” Triple H’s arm during a WWE RAW show. The Beast broke Shawn Michaels’ arm once more at SummerSlam and treated him the same way. Neither HBK nor The Game suffered any significant injuries, therefore it was all a staged act to make Brock appear awful and heighten the suspense in the story.

Cody Rhodes will still likely make an appearance at Night of Champions despite the events of the last WWE RAW show. But the plot injury won’t do him any good. Due to his wounded arm, Brock is expected to prevail in the forthcoming match, which will set up a dramatic rematch in August’s SummerSlam.

What Happened to Cody Rhodes Hands?

Brock Lesnar assaulted Rhodes backstage on the May 22 broadcast of WWE Raw, breaking his arm with a metal canister. During a brief altercation with Rhodes later on in the evening, Lesnar took the upper hand, locked him in the Kimura, and seemed to break his arm.

Did Rey Mysterio Break Cody Rhodes Nose?

Rey Mysterio struck Rhodes in the face with his exposed knee brace during their bout on January 21, 2011, breaking his nose. As a result, Rhodes said he needed facial repair surgery and was no longer dashing.

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