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Dad Forbade Pregnant Teen to Keep Baby, but 48 Years Later She Matched with Son Online

Kirk was unaware that his birth mother was still alive for 48 years. During the Vietnam War, Thuy-Nga Thi Nibblett, a woman of Vietnamese origin, became pregnant at the age of 17. In addition to the fact that she was not married and the baby’s father was an American, her father disapproved of her pregnancy. This was intolerable to him.

Kirk was taken away from Thuy-Nga by her father as soon as he was born. As a result of his transfer to another military installation, the birth father, a service member, was unaware of the pregnancy. The two finally stopped speaking.

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Thuy-Nga prayed and hoped for her son’s return for almost 50 years. She registered for a DNA website in 2015 in the hopes that he would eventually do the same. Kirk, who was by this point middle-aged, married, and with children, was hesitant to look online. But his wife persuaded him to gamble.

Only a few days after submitting his DNA, Kirk got an email from a woman telling him to give her a call. He initially believed that the woman was undoubtedly mistaken. Watch the miracle in the video down below, and please SHARE this amazing tale with your Facebook friends!

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