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Eastbound Lanes Reopened, but Westbound Lanes Closed on I-80 Near Iowa Highway 1 After Crash

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) – Due to a collision involving multiple vehicles that occurred around mile marker 246, close to the exit for Iowa Highway 1, the eastbound lanes on Interstate 80 have reopened, but the westbound lanes remain closed.

The collision took place at approximately 5:40 on Sunday morning. In addition to the multi-vehicle accident that occurred in the westbound lane, there were crashes that occurred in the eastbound lane. The arrival of the emergency services has been reported.

According to Trooper Robert Conrad of the Iowa State Patrol, the westbound lanes will remain closed for a number of hours, but the eastbound lanes are expected to reopen in the not-too-distant future. In order to reduce the likelihood of additional collisions, Trooper Conrad requests that persons who are driving by the scene of the accident refrain from looking at it.

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According to the 511 pages of the Iowa Department of Transportation, the roads in and surrounding Iowa City are entirely iced over. After a collision on I-80 at Iowa Highway 1, both the eastbound and westbound lanes were shut.

On Sunday morning, fog developed across much of Eastern Iowa, and visibility was down to a quarter mile or less in several areas. The fog, in conjunction with temperatures that were much below freezing, caused the fog droplets to freeze onto the surfaces and roads. As a result, motorists will need to exercise increased caution while driving on the roads on Sunday mornings.

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