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Fashion Designer Katie Gallagher’s Death Was Ruled Homicide 8 Months Later

The family of fashion designer Katie Gallagher was left in the dark for eight months before her lifeless body was discovered in her bed at her Manhattan apartment. Investigators declared Gallagher’s death to be a homicide on Friday. The 35-year-old Gallagher created clothes that were published in Vogue and Glamour.

Laverne Cox and Lady Gaga among other celebrities have sported her designs. In July 2022, Gallagher passed away unexpectedly, shocking her neighbors on Eldridge Street in the Lower East Side. Eddie Ling, who works in a bike shop on the ground level of the building, claimed that “everyone knows this lady.”

Fentanyl was discovered by the medical examiner in Gallagher’s system along with other narcotics. Authorities are seeking to figure out if someone stole from her by giving her a hazardous cocktail of medications. Investigators are looking into several cases involving drugged victims who end up being robbed, hospitalized, and occasionally even death.

Several teams are said to be operating similar scams, targeting and drugging victims in Manhattan pubs before robbing them, according to police sources. Her parents and sisters have survived Gallagher, a native of Pennsylvania. They started a GoFundMe, which has already generated more than $30,000, to finish and show her final assortment of clothes.

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“The family is left in uncertainty while waiting for it to be determined if it was a homicide. There are numerous unanswered questions, “Erik Bottcher, a councilman for New York City, remarked. Bottcher aims to increase public awareness of gangs who prey on bar clientele and thefts made possible by drugs.

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The banking apps that can be used with face recognition have spread the word that you can victimize someone and access their bank accounts online in ways that you couldn’t years ago, according to Bottcher. Nia Mapp, a resident of Queens, claimed that “many people get targeted without even realizing it.”

Since it affects many people that we are simply unaware of, I would hope that it will raise awareness of the matter. “They are out there committing crimes on defenseless individuals who are out having fun. We must make it obvious that you will be caught if you commit these acts “Bottcher added.

Police claim that dangerous drug concoctions that were administered to Julio Ramirez, 25, and John Umberger, 33, during robberies last year caused their deaths. In March, it was also determined that their deaths were homicides.

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Linda Clary, Umberger’s mother, said: “My concern is that as time goes on, the reality is there are many more deaths that have occurred from these groups, from this very thing.” “What are we doing to prevent this from happening again? We don’t want anyone to suffer needlessly like we are because it is.”

The family of Gallagher said in a statement to CBS2: “Our hearts bleed all over again when we think of the callous disregard for her life and all that she would have done or might have done had this not happened.” Gallagher’s whereabouts and what was taken from her are unknown before her body was found. According to Gallagher’s sister, the family is organizing a memorial service in the city in May.

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