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First-ever Statement from a Navy Petty Officer Who Assisted in Disarming the Shooter in the Colorado Nightclub

In the wake of last week’s mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Thomas James, one of the two men who assisted in disarming a shooter, made his initial remarks regarding the incident on Sunday. James, a US Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class, stated in a statement, “I simply wanted to help the family I found.”

“If I could, I would do all in my power to protect everyone from the senseless acts of hatred in the world, but I am only one person. We are family, and family takes care of one another, which is a blessing. From Stonewall, we have come a long way. Bullies are not unstoppable.

I want to offer my support to everyone who has experienced the suffering and loss that have been all too prevalent in recent years. My prayers are with the families of those we lost on November 19 and those currently recovering from their wounds.

“I advise young people to be brave. There is your family somewhere. You are cherished and treasured. Come out swinging when you emerge from the closet, he said. According to a hospital report, James is still in stable condition at Centura Penrose Hospital. According to the hospital, he is concentrating on his recuperation and won’t be giving media interviews right now.

His remarks mark his first outburst since he and Army veteran Richard Fierro assisted in taking down a shooter who was firing at attendees at an LGBTQ bar in Colorado on November 19. According to officials, the incident resulted in the deaths of five persons and at least 19 other injuries.

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On November 20, 2022, in Colorado Springs, Alex Clemons, left, and his daughter Epifania, 11, embrace while paying their condolences at a temporary monument close to Club Q. Fierro, who was at the club with family and friends to celebrate his birthday, tackled the shooter to the ground. Fierro used their second weapon, a handgun, to strike and take down the gunman as another guy, named by authorities as James, moved a rifle out of the shooter’s reach.

Fierro expressed his sincere gratitude for the community’s support when his family’s brewery reopened the day after Thanksgiving in a Saturday interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta. On Saturday, Fierro told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “It was a great, amazing day.” “I couldn’t thank everyone enough. I made an effort to thank everyone that entered the room.

Fierro continued, “I’m not a hero. Everyone in that room was a hero with us, and everyone had a heroic tale to tell in order to simply survive. The President commends Fierro for his deeds. The man who stopped the mass shooting shooter received a huge surprise at his place of business.

Authorities have named Raymond Green Vance, 22, as one of those murdered in the incident. He was the boyfriend of Fierro’s daughter. According to court documents, the alleged shooter is being held without release and is charged with five preliminary counts of first-degree murder and five counts of bias-motivated crime, also known as a hate crime, causing bodily damage.

According to White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre, President Joe Biden called Fierro and his wife, Jessica, on Tuesday to express his gratitude for Fierro’s “courageous acts” and “instinct to act” in stopping the attack and saving lives.

Fierro told CNN on Saturday that the conversation had “humbled” him. “At the end of the day, I wish everyone could have the privilege of speaking with him. I’m an old veteran, so just talking to the president is a major event for me,” he declared.

To “get rid of assault weapons,” Biden told reporters on Thursday that he will once more try to cooperate with Congress. Fierro responded that regardless of the direction the gun discussion takes next, he wants to see a change in thinking and that he respects firearms because of his military training.

“I simply want people to stop becoming so angry. Things shouldn’t be this stressful. There is no justification for someone to attend a dance club, a performance, or anything else and be concerned about getting shot, he said. Fierro said he was particularly encouraged by the attendees for Friday’s reopening of the Atrevida Beer Company in Colorado Springs, which he and his wife own.

“As a person, I found it more attractive to observe the variety, distinction, inclusion, and diversity of everyone there. Everyone present is simply enjoying a beer and being happy in the same space. This report was contributed to by CNN’s Michelle Watson, Amir Vera, Maegan Vazquez, Betsy Klein, Amanda Musa, Elise Hammond, and Vanessa Price.

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