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Helen Hunt Sues L.A. Limo After Car Crash That Hospitalized Her

Helen Hunt is bringing a lawsuit against the limo company that was driving the car she was in when a catastrophic accident occurred in October 2019. According to court records acquired by Hunt, 58, complained about the car collision on Wednesday, accusing BLS Limousine Service of Los Angeles, Inc. of causing her physical injury and lost wages.

The Oscar winner’s SUV was rear-ended on October 16, 2019, in the Mid-City neighborhood of Los Angeles after attempting to pass through an intersection. She was riding in the backseat at the time. The SUV was seen flipping over on its side in the accident’s video footage.

Hunt claims in her complaint that BLS is owed “compensatory damages,” including “loss of earnings, emotional distress, pain and suffering, economic and non-economic damages,” as well as “personal injury, wage loss, hospital and medical expenses, general damage, loss of earning capacity.”

Additionally, the lawsuit states that Hunt, the plaintiff, “alleges the defendants’ acts were negligent.” BLS Limousine Company claimed they had no comment on the situation when reached by on Friday. Requests for comment from a Hunt spokesperson did not immediately receive a response.

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The Twister star’s brief hospitalization following the collision was previously confirmed by a representative for the Los Angeles Police Department. According to the LAPD spokeswoman, Hunt was one of several patients who were taken to a nearby hospital, however, police later concluded that no crime had been committed after looking into the traffic incident.

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Later that evening, the actress was discharged from the hospital after being taken there and receiving medical attention. When the incident occurred, Hunt was in the middle of filming her Mad About You revival. Later that month, she went back to work on the limited series’ set. Hunt made an appearance in the 2020 movie The Night Clerk after the incident. She also had a recurring part in the Starz series Blindspotting and starred in the July release How It Ends.


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