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Injuries Occur Following a Car Crash on Upper Falls Blvd and Joseph Ave in Rochester NY

An accident involving many vehicles occurred in the city of Rochester on the evening of October 31st, and it was stated that there were injuries as a result of the collision. It took place at roughly 6:20 o’clock in the evening at the intersection of Joseph Avenue and Upper Falls Boulevard.

The automobiles that were involved in the accident are said to have crashed in the lanes of Upper Falls Boulevard that are heading in both directions, immediately after they had approached the intersection. The crash caused significant property damage, and police and emergency medical technicians arrived at the scene of the incident within minutes.

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An unknown number of people were brought to various medical facilities in the area by paramedics in order to receive additional care. There is currently no information available regarding their current conditions. The reason for the collision is currently being looked into by investigators.

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