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J.D. Harmeyer’s Wife Jennifer Tanko – How is their Married Life?

J.D. Harmeyer is an accomplished actor and director (born in December 1979). If you ask us, the film ‘Supertwink’ is his most well-known effort. J.D. Harmeyer is best known as the media producer of ‘The Howard Stern Show.’ However, we are not here to debate his career, which is, as we all know, extraordinary. There’s something else you should know about this fantastic individual. Let’s learn about his marriage.

Jennifer Tanko Is J.D. Harmeyer’s Wife

Tanko and J.D. on their wedding day. On August 25, 2019, J.D. Harmeyer and Jennifer Janko married. Instagram is the source. In 2018, J.D. Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko Harmeyer married. While there was no specific date when they began dating, J.D.’s colleague, Howard Stern, was often dropping hints about his love life.

The couple, according to sources, moved in together in 2016. In February 2017, the pair announced their engagement after a year of dating. Howard once again assisted his friend Harmeyer in writing his vows for an on-air wedding.

The actor/director, on the other hand, did not invite his ‘The Howard Stern Show’ coworkers to the wedding. However, everyone expressed their best wishes to the couple on their big day. According to rumors, the pair planned to get married far away from the usual crowd in Las Vegas on August 25, 2018. The couple only invited ten people, including their family.

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J.D. Harmeyer and Jenn Tanko Just Got Back From Their Honeymoon J.D. and Tanko on their honeymoon. J.D. Harmeyer and Jenn Tanko were recently on vacation. Instagram is the source. J.D. Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko just traveled to California in September 2019. The pair appeared to be on their honeymoon a year after their marriage.

Jenn, who was seen jet skiing and sunbathing at the beach, was having a good day in the sun, but J.D. was not. He sat there completely clothed at all times. When questioned why he joined his wife in the fun, J.D. said it was because he didn’t want to show off his body, which isn’t all that fantastic. The director, on the other hand, thoroughly liked his trip to Napa with his wife.

The pair also purchased a $100 bottle of red wine as a souvenir, which they will undoubtedly display on the cabinet dedicated to their growing collection of wine bottles. The pair began their journey in New York and stayed at the new TWA Hotel at JFK Airport. They later hiked to Yosemite National Park. The couple appeared to have had a good time on their trip.

J.D. Harmeyer's Wife

J.D. Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko are polar opposites, but they make the cutest couple on vacation. J.D. and Tanko are the most adorable couple. J.D. Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko are polar opposites in that Jenn is a CrossFit trainer, teacher, yoga instructor, and gym fanatic, but J.D. does not want to exercise his body.

He rarely goes for a walk in the park, and he is unconcerned about diets. If you look at Jenn’s Instagram account, you will see how active she is. You might be wondering how they ended up together after seeing her posts.

Jenn, on the other hand, seems content with what she has, and J.D. appears to enjoy Tanko’s company, so the couple appears to be in a good position. The couple enjoys going on dates together; they are both preoccupied with their own issues, which they support one another in. All we can say is that despite their differences, the two make the perfect match.

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