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Jackie Gold Schneider Divorce: Is It True or Not?

Teresa Giudice made the accusation that Jackie Goldschneider’s husband Evan was having an affair during the eleventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In addition to that, there were whispers about the possibility of a divorce. Jackie and Evan have been married since 2006, and throughout that time, they have been blessed with four children.

Despite the current speculation, the celebrity revealed to In Touch that her “marriage is not at risk at all.” She said that her relationship with her husband is “very strong.” She has been required to reassure the children that she and Evan are doing OK, despite the fact that her relationship is “certainly” safe.

“We both assure them that mommy and daddy love each other so deeply,” the speaker and the listener say. “I believe that brings them some solace,” added Jackie. “However, it’s the insignificant details that they pick up on when we’re not actively trying to communicate with them,”.

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She went on to say, “Like when people see us kiss on the way out the door,” as an example. When we stroll, they see us holding hands with one another. These seemingly insignificant actions demonstrate to the children that their parents have a deep love and affection for one another.

Because of the allegations, the Bravo actress did not give her children permission to watch season 11, but she was aware that they would almost certainly discover the truth. “We had to tell them that none of it was genuine, and we had to explain to them what they would hear, what occurred on the show,” she continued. “We had to explain to them what they might hear, what happened on the show.”

“I didn’t want them to associate their father with anything at all,” I said. I didn’t want anyone to use these rumors as fodder for making fun of the children, so I made sure no one did that. I also didn’t want them to be concerned about anything.

Jackie Gold Schneider Divorce

Despite Teresa’s allegations, Jackie continued to have nothing but positive things to say about their co-star (regarding her recent engagement). Jackie expressed her hope that her future husband, Luis Ruelas, would continue to feel the same way about her as he does right now.

“If [her fiance Luis Ruelas] treats her well and if his past is in the past, then I can only hope that they remain as in love as they are right now,” she added. She continued by saying, “If by some strange chance they don’t, I’m sure the cast would be there for her regardless of what went down this season…….. ” I don’t find someone else’s misery to be a source of pleasure for myself.

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