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Kritika Khurana Divorce: Breakup of Popular Social Media Figures Causes Shock

Kritika Khurana Divorce: Kritika Khurana, often known online as “That Boho Girl,” is a prominent fashion blogger who just went public with the news that she and Aditya Chhabra, her former husband, are no longer together.

Who is Kritika Khurana?

That Boho Girl is the online person Kritika Khurana. About eight years ago, she began her career as a fashion influencer. When she initially started using Instagram, she posted what she called “Outfit of the Day” or #OOTD posts. Her blog, titled “That Boho Girl,” went up afterward. This Delhi-based YouTuber and Instagram star have amassed a tremendous following. Companies like L’Oreal, Myntra, Knorr, Pure Sense, etc., are regular clients of hers.

As for Kritika Khurana, she completed her high school education with a focus on subjects other than medicine. Throughout her life, being an architect has been one of her top career goals. And when it comes to dancing contests, Kritika has racked up quite the trophy case. In 2013, she began using her Instagram account to provide “outfit of the day” images. Within only a few short months, Kritika became a huge hit. And so in 2014, she launched her blog under the moniker ThatBohoGirl. Read also: Miranda Lambert Divorce, at Last, She Discussed Her Separation Openly

This is a fashion and lifestyle account that Kritika made. She launched “The Hype,” an online clothing boutique, later that same year. The reception Kritika received on Instagram encouraged her to launch a YouTube channel. She mostly shared fashion and self-help videos on her channel. Her YouTube videos catapulted her to fame. Because of this, she quickly rose to prominence as one of India’s most-watched fashion bloggers on the video-sharing platform.

When Did Kritika and Aditya Tie the Knot

In April 2022, Kritika Khurana and Aditya Chhabra became husband and wife. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020 is when these two people are said to have started dating if one of the sources is to be believed. After some time had passed, Aditya Chhabra proposed to his now-fiancée Kritika Khurana. She said yes, and the two of them announced their engagement on Instagram. They made a very important statement by displaying the engagement ring they had received on Instagram Fams.

Soon after that, Aditya Chhabra and Kritika Khurana had a simple Roka ceremony in the presence of their loved ones, with a small gathering of friends and family members present as well. Before the actual wedding, there were several festivities that took place, including a Sukhmani Sahib route, a Mata ki Chowki, an engagement ceremony, a dhol night, a mehndi ceremony, and a Haldi ceremony.

 kritika khurana divorce Turn

kritika khurana divorce

The schedule of events also included a dhol night. Before they were married, the pair kept everything for themselves. Kritika never missed an opportunity to keep her Instagram followers informed on the goings-on of any of the events, down to the smallest details. She even posted images of the joy that was being had during the ceremony and afterward. Read also: Tiffany Jenkins Divorce, What is the Cause for the Separation?

How and When Did Kritika Khurana Decide to End Her Marriage?

Through their Instagram, Kritika Khurana and Aditya Chhabra demonstrate how one may have fun while still weeding. The marriage remained together for a total of six months. On October 12th, the influencer announced that she was leaving her husband after a marriage that had been rocky for the previous six months.

This whole mess started when Chhabra deleted all of his postings on Facebook with Khurana, including the images from their wedding. The word quickly got out that their marriage wasn’t exactly a joyful one, and it spread like wildfire.

At long last, on October 12, Kritika Khurana recognized the end of her relationship with Chhabra by publishing a note on her Instagram account. She wrote in the Post, “I know a lot of already know, but I wanted you to hear from me since you’ve been such a significant part of my journey for 8 years now.” Read also: Justin Furstenfeld Divorce, the Full Story About This Divorce

“I know a lot of already know.” I’ve concluded that it’s best for us to part ways but making this choice has been more challenging than anything else I’ve ever had to deal with. People are still uncertain as to whether or not they will ever get back, but the choice that was taken by both of them appears to be unyielding.


After only being married for six months, social media influencer and fashion blogger Kritika Khurana, also known as That Boho Girl on Instagram, shocked her millions of followers when she announced that she was divorcing her husband Aditya Chhabra. Khurana is also known as That Boho Girl on Instagram.

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