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Jan. 6 Committee Report Will Be Released Date Dec. 21, Thompson Says

Rep. Bennie Thompson, who chairs the House committee that is looking into the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, announced on Wednesday that the much-anticipated report that has been compiled by the committee will be made public on December 21.

Thompson indicated that the distribution of the report would be accompanied by some kind of public presentation, the particulars of which are now being worked out by the members of the committee. According to what Thompson said, the report and any supplementary information will be made available online.

According to Thompson, the January 6 committee “will probably make” criminal referrals linked to the attack on the Capitol. He also stated that any judgments on potential criminal referrals will be made on the same day, and those decisions will be subject to public voting.

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On Tuesday, Thompson suggested that criminal referrals relating to the attack on the Capitol were being discussed, but that final decisions — including on particular crimes and individual suspects — had not been made pending a vote by committee members. The vote is scheduled for later today.

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